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Xojo 2019 R1

Because it is old Lessie stable release and will not install on later systems without tricking it out. Only stable is 37 and it is instaled by default if I am right. So with the latest webkit it is not working correctly. I guess could be a bug. I reported this before longer time but there is no fixing at all. Only 2020R1 works without complaining in install but makes later problems with the package management. This needs wo uninstall xojo package later. Given at 3 Ubuntu 20 Systems in my House.

Xojo 2019 R1


I am working with the TGZ Archive, unpacked and started xojo directly from the directory with double click after making it executable. It works without problems and needs no installation and rund for 2020 and 2019r3.2 and 3.1 as far as I was testing. It is only than not installed but working on your computer and also licensing is working correctly.

Maybe but it is not working with Ubuntu V20 and it is known by xojo. They had no solution and I had to find a way to be able to work under linux. When the deb is working under debian linux it is okay but all of my users have ubuntu linux and I have wo work with it in this case cause we decided this detail long time before the decision for xojo.

The IDE will function normally as it was compiled previous to this change. Compiling from 2019R1.1 on Big Sur, however, results in this error due to changes in the OS in Big Sur. Specifically, the compiler is unable to locate the specified file during the linking step of the build process.

Note: There are different books for the older versions -- pre-Xojo 2019 r1.1, Jessie OS, and pre-Pi 3 B hardware. This book is for programing with the latest Raspberry Pi 4 B hardware, with the Buster OS, and API2 2019 r3.1 Xojo IDE with pigpio!

This ebook is a PDF document and all examples include Xojo code. This is one of many books which can be purchased at Xojo Library. More information is available at the author's website at: -program-raspberry-pi-4b-electronics-with-xojo-buster-edition

Prima release per il 2019 di questo ambiente di sviluppo. Moltissimi miglioramenti e nuove funzionalità in attesa delle novità che verranno presentate nella prossima XDC a Miami e alla conferenza di Colonia.

URLConnection - The new URLConnection class (which is part of API 2.0 but was added in Xojo 2019r1), replaces the HTTPSocket class and provides support for HTTP 1.1 and above. It also now relies on the underlying OS's implementation so as operating systems are updating, your apps that use URLConnection will automatically improve. Should the user have a proxy configured, your app will automatically take advantage of it.

Existing Projects - Transitioning to API 2.0 can be done at your leisure. Even though many of the functions your projects are using today are now deprecated, they won't be going away any time soon. The first step is to make sure your project runs as-is in 2019r2 prior to making any changes. If it does, then you are ready to transition to API 2.0.

Auto-Complete - The first place you will likely notice API 2.0 is when using Auto-Complete. Projects created in versions of Xojo prior to 2019r2 will still show methods, properties and other items that have been deprecated along with their API 2.0 replacements. Projects created in 2019r2 or later will not.

Paul Abell2019-05-30 (publication date) Visual Studio Basic and Xojo are remarkably similar... but just enough different that those subtle changes can throw you off your programming game. What you need is a guide, someone to show you the Xojo ropes.

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