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Where Can I Buy Rubber Mulch

It is available in an array of colors to help maintain the aesthetic of your garden beds and landscaping. Rubber mulch comes in black, blue, red, and green to accent your landscape and imitate the look of organic wood.

where can i buy rubber mulch

It provides a safe, cushioned surface for kids on playgrounds and in play areas. Six-inch-thick sheets of rubber mulch relieve pressure on the joints from the pounding of athletics while also providing a cushion to prevent injury in case of falls.

It inhibits weeds because the mulch holds and dehydrates weed seeds before they can germinate. Rubber mulch also blocks sunlight and compresses the surface of the soil, similar to regular mulch, providing a dull environment for the weed.

Rubber mulch is a good insulator, providing warmth to the top layer of soil. This helps flowers bloom earlier so they continue to flower later into the growing season.

Upkeep is slightly complicated with rubber mulch, as weeds and natural debris that accumulate must be pulled and discarded by hand. Tilling is not an option because rubber mulch cannot be mixed in with the soil like organic mulch can.

Rubber mulch is highly flammable, burning faster and stronger than regular mulch and releasing a toxic gas. Be sure not to lay rubber mulch near fire pits or barbecue grills. It is also not recommended in smoking sections. A high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio makes it harder to extinguish.

Organic mulch is less expensive and also has minimal impact on the environment. However, it is a magnet for pests like termites and carpenter ants. It also absorbs nitrogen from the soil, which is undesirable in vegetable gardens and most plant beds.

Rubber playground mulch is one of the safest and most durable loose fill playground surface options available. This product is great for more long-term use than other organic products, and it provides excellent fall protection to help keep your playground safe. This rubber safety surfacing comes in loose flakes or "nuggets" and provides much of the safety of natural mulch with fewer drawbacks. Place this mulch where children may be liable to fall, like around a slide or set of monkey bars. This rubber play surface can help to ensure that any falls do not result in serious injuries.

If you intend to buy this rubber mulch, we at recommend that you purchase a border containment system as well. After installing your border equipment, the mulch installation process is easy. Just pour and rake into place. Note that this product is delivered in one-ton super sacks. These large bags can be lifted by the delivery truck, but they require a forklift for unloading. If you do not have access to a forklift, you may want to purchase this item in 50 individual 40-pound bags.

While we try to provide the best possible customer surface, we cannot accept returns on mulch products. Attention: we are not able to process returns of any rubber mulch surfacing products. ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL.

The surface is intended for use in conjunction with some type of border or containment system such as rubber curbs. The individual bags are a great option for replacement mulch orders. Because it allows you to better spot replace small areas without the hassle of shoveling and wheel barreling from a Super Sack. Choose from black or one of five standard colors. The mulch comes made from shredded tires. As well as, is tested and approved for use on public playgrounds. Therefore, the mulch meets and exceeds ASTM requirements for use on public playgrounds and is IPEMA certified.

Frequently Asked QuestionsIs Rubber Mulch Safe?Absolutely! Rubber mulch is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. "Playground surfaces can contain recovered rubber and PVC materials that are often more desirable than wood chips, sand, or asphalt, because they can provide more cushioning and thereby may be safer for children. You can find playground surfaces made with recovered materials at schools, military bases, and housing developments." -- Source

One advantage of rubber mulch over other playground surfaces is it's elasticity or "spring". Rubber mulch's elasticity gives it a springy quality when used in thicker layers of 3 - 6 inches. Rubber mulch is a natural choice for playgrounds.

Rubber Mulch will not decompose. If fading begins after at least 12 years, you can either top-dress it with fresh Rubber Mulch or till it into the soil. Rubber Mulch is safe to till into the soil because it is nontoxic and acts as an aerator to help keep the soil from compacting. Similar rubber products such as crumb rubber are being used for the same purpose in athletic fields all across the country. You can also rake up your faded mulch to use as landfill.

In 1994 the Maryland Environmental Services (MES) put this question to a series of tests. At the MES request, a testing laboratory subjected -inch pieces of tire chips to hydrochloric acid (stomach acid). "Visual examination of insoluble residue appeared to indicate only fibrous reinforcing strands were dissolved by the hydrochloric acid. The tire rubber did not appear to be affected in any way; i.e., chalking, cracking, fracturing, etc." (PSI Report No. 486-40013-001)*If a piece of rubber is swallowed, it should not cause any acute or chronic problems. Short-term issues, such as an upset stomach, will be a function of the amount of rubber swallowed. As to the fate of the rubber chips swallowed, they are eventually evacuated from the body, just like any other indigestible material.

Want something besides black rubber mulch? The ability to take advantage of a wider variety of rubber mulch color options has never been more important to our customers. Check out all the new colors available below:

Rubber is a great alternative to traditional wood mulch, as it is made from recycled rubber tires. It is durable, long-lasting, and helps to keep weeds at bay. It can be used to create pathways, flower beds, and other areas in your landscaping. Likewise, it is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact.

This versatile material is a great choice for anyone looking to add texture and color to their outdoor spaces. So, whether you are looking for rubber mulch near you, or are just looking for some inspiration for your next landscaping project, there are plenty of great options out there to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

If you are looking for a safe material to use in your playground, rubber mulch may be a perfect choice. In addition to providing a soft place to fall, this material is designed to withstand heavy use and weathering. It is also an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers, as it helps to reduce waste and keep rubber tires out of landfills. Likewise, rubber is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add color and texture to their playground area.

When it comes to any kind of mulch, buying in bulk can be a great way to save money. By buying a large quantity, you can take advantage of bulk discounts, while also ensuring that you always have plenty of product on hand for your landscaping projects.

It's no secret that mulching improves water retention and prevents weeds in the soil. Most mulches are made of organic materials, such as wood or straw. Rubber mulch resembles wood chips but supplies a longer-lasting synthetic mulch option. Rubber has both advantages and disadvantages, which it's vital to understand before deciding if rubber mulch is the right choice for your garden.

Mulches suppress weed growth by blocking the necessary light most weed seeds need for germination and early growth. A sufficiently deep layer of rubber mulch, usually 2 inches or more, provides similar weed suppression capabilities as wood mulch. Although this weed suppression ability provides a distinct advantage, there is one disadvantage. Unlike natural mulches that can be tilled into the soil mechanically and replaced if weeds breach the mulch and become a severe problem, rubber-mulched areas must be weeded by hand.

Rubber mulches have the benefit of retaining moisture in the soil because they block evaporation and prevent the soil from overheating. Moisture from rain or irrigation can make its way through the mulched area to soak into the soil beneath. The mulch itself isn't porous enough to hold any moisture on its own and it won't wick moisture from the soil.

Properly installed rubber mulches rarely require replacement and can last for 10 years or longer. It's heavy enough that wind won't blow it away, which is a problem with some lighter natural mulches. The mulch doesn't break down or decompose, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Although it doesn't require replacement, it also won't supply any nutrients to the soil through decomposition. The mulch can also work its way into the soil if a fabric barrier isn't installed beneath it, making it impossible to remove it completely.

The higher cost of rubber mulch at installation is offset by the fact it requires less frequent replacement compared to organic mulches, so you may save some money in the long run. Rubber mulch may also require more effort to install since it doesn't decompose. For planting beds, the soil must be fully amended prior to installing the mulch. A protective barrier between the mulch and soil is also necessary to prevent the rubber from working its way deep into the soil.

Toxicity concerns from chemicals leaching from the rubber are the main disadvantage of rubber mulch. Heavy metals and rubber leachates can pose a health hazard, so it's best to avoid using rubber mulch in vegetable or edible plant beds. Some ornamentals may also be sensitive to the zinc leached from the mulch, which leads to stunted growth and eventual plant death. Unfortunately, the chemicals may leach further than a garden bed and could taint groundwater sources. 041b061a72


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