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Solarcam Intraoral Camera Software Download

Solarcam Intraoral Camera Software Download

An intraoral camera is a device that allows dentists to capture high-quality images of the inside of a patient's mouth. It can be used for diagnosis, treatment planning, patient education, and documentation. Intraoral cameras are usually connected to a computer or a monitor, and require specific software to operate and store the images.

One of the popular brands of intraoral cameras is Solarcam, which offers a range of models with different features and specifications. Solarcam intraoral cameras are compatible with most dental imaging software, such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Dexis, EasyDent, and more. However, some users may prefer to use the dedicated software that comes with the camera, which is called Solarcam Viewer.


Solarcam Viewer is a software that allows users to capture, view, edit, and save images from Solarcam intraoral cameras. It also has some additional functions, such as measurement, annotation, comparison, printing, and exporting. Solarcam Viewer is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

To download Solarcam Viewer software, users need to visit the official website of Solarcam, and go to the "Download" section. There, they can find the latest version of the software, as well as the user manual and the installation guide. Users need to register an account on the website before they can download the software. The registration is free and only requires an email address and a password.

After downloading the software, users need to unzip the file and run the setup.exe file. The installation wizard will guide them through the process of installing the software on their computer. Users need to follow the instructions and accept the terms and conditions. The installation may take a few minutes to complete.

Once the installation is done, users can launch the Solarcam Viewer software from their desktop or start menu. They need to connect their Solarcam intraoral camera to their computer using a USB cable. The software will automatically detect the camera and show a live video feed on the screen. Users can then use the buttons on the camera or the software to capture images and perform other functions.

Solarcam Viewer software is a user-friendly and powerful tool that can enhance the performance and functionality of Solarcam intraoral cameras. It can help dentists to improve their diagnosis, treatment planning, patient education, and documentation. Users can download Solarcam Viewer software from the official website of Solarcam for free.


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