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Cine Tracer Free Download [key]

Cine Tracer Free Download [key]

Cine Tracer is a realistic cinematography simulator created by Matt Workman of Cinematography Database. The game allows you to operate real world based cameras, set up lights, and direct talent/actors in stunning environments made in Unreal Engine 4. You can use Cine Tracer to create beautiful storyboards for pitching your film ideas, or to learn the basics of cinematography by gaming .

If you are interested in trying out Cine Tracer, you can buy it on Steam for $89.99. However, if you are looking for a free download of the game, you might be disappointed. There is no official way to get Cine Tracer for free, as it is a paid product that supports the development of the game and the creator. Pirating the game is illegal and unethical, and it might also expose your computer to viruses and malware.

Download File:

However, there is some good news for Cine Tracer fans. Matt Workman has announced that he is working on Cine Tracer 2, a new version of the game built from scratch in Unreal Engine 5. Cine Tracer 2 will have new features such as MetaHuman 2.0 for virtual actors, a shot list system, and more camera and lighting equipment. The best part is that existing Cine Tracer users will get Cine Tracer 2 for free. This means that if you buy Cine Tracer now, you will also get access to Cine Tracer 2 when it is released in Early Access in August 2023.

So, instead of looking for a free download of Cine Tracer, why not support the developer and buy the game on Steam? You will not only get a fun and educational game, but also a free upgrade to Cine Tracer 2 in the future. This is a great deal for anyone who loves filmmaking and gaming. To buy Cine Tracer on Steam, click [here].


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