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Buy Loose Colored Diamonds

Since 2001, IceStore offers the very highest quality GIA certified loose diamonds, yellow diamonds and fine diamond jewelry at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail. Compare us to Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Harry Winston and get the same or better quality at a fraction of the price.

buy loose colored diamonds

Yellow diamonds are the most popular of the fancy diamonds. These natural, untreated colored diamonds are extremely rare. A yellow diamond can be so light that it will be certified somewhere in the X to Y color range, making it more of a low-end white diamond than a fancy color.

Yellow colored diamonds of a high intensity, such as vivid or deep yellow diamonds, are quite rare - the more even and saturated color of the diamond, the rarer and more valuable. The richer the yellow coloring and quality, the higher the value of the yellow diamond.

Given the recent advancements in creating treated and synthetic diamonds and the sometimes deceptive practices of sellers, you may want to seek guidance from an impartial gemologist/appraiser. This can help you acquire a stunning diamond of high value at a fair price.

Ever wondered why Argyle pink diamonds are such a tantalising investment opportunity? Investors have long safeguarded the secret and prestige behind these diamonds, but we believe that our heritage should be accessible to all. Even the smallest of diamonds could potentially see a return. Read more about our diamonds in our educational blogs below:

Loose pink diamonds are graded according to their colour intensity. Argyle diamonds will use an intensity scale from 1 to 9, with the former being the most intense colour through to the latter being the lightest. The Argyle colour scale also uses the following acronyms: PP (Purplish Pink), P (Pink), PR (Pink Rose), PC (Pink Champagne). In terms of GIA, loose pink diamonds are graded as follows: faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy deep.

PINK KIMBERLEY combines the natural beauty of Argyle pink diamonds with award winning Australian contemporary design. It was named after the precious stones central to the design and the place where they are found.

When we select the diamonds top put on the site, we don't want to buy the cheapest stones. I want to buy the best stones, at a fair price. In diamonds, the phrase "cheap is expensive in the long run" is so true. We make sure we're competitive with anyone- but only on the type of desirable diamonds we deal in.

the diamond is offered loose Our Semi Mount Store We recommend buying your diamond and ring from the same seller. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, you have one company to be held responsible for the quality of your entire product. We can sell our semi-mount rings at a substantially lower price than we could if semi-mount rings were our only business. Generally speaking, every time we sell a semi-mount, we are selling the diamond that is going in the center. Therefore we can afford to offer a super high quality product at a far lower price could find from a company selling only semi mount rings.Potential Ring Choices

Diamonds can appear in a wide array of colors in addition to their primary color. In nature, yellow diamonds can exist with a secondary color overtone of brown, orange, or green. Sometimes, they can even come in a mixture of 2 or 3 color overtones.

And if you are wondering, the most popular shades are Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense Yellow stones. For people looking for something a little more extravagant, Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds are great options to consider.

The legendary stone has been set onto a platinum necklace, which boasts 20 Lucida and 58 brilliant-cut diamonds, a total of over 120 carats. This impressive setting also features a sunray motif that radiates an aura of elegance.

Contrary to popular belief, yellow diamonds are actually very affordable to the general public. They are the perfect induction for consumers to enter the world of colored diamonds without hefty price tags.

I also want to highlight the point that yellow diamonds are extremely versatile in jewelry design. However, if you want to bring out the best in a colored diamond, working with a jeweler like Leibish & Co. is highly recommended.

When yellow diamonds are mounted into a piece of jewelry, the setting needs to be designed and handled such that the yellow color pops out as much as possible. In a nutshell, the nitty details matter.

Cheap yellow engagement rings like these are generally scams. Are they natural yellow diamonds? Have they been heat treated with processes that alter its natural color? Has the gemstone been clarity enhanced?

The irony here is buying loose yellow diamonds for investment purposes. Let me clue you in and tell you that you will likely make a loss on your purchase even if you bought a GIA certified loose yellow diamond. Unless you are buying record breaking auction pieces, the retail markup will be more than enough to almost guarantee you lose money. And the fact that you are shopping at eBay tells me alot about your limited knowledge in this area.

Do you have the links to the diamonds and the prices that are quoted? If this is any other retailer, I would generally warn against it but Leibish is a solid vendor. If the cost of the report is making up a significant portion of the costs, then it makes sense to skip that. From rough estimates, the cost of grading 2 fancy colored yellow diamonds will be about $100-$150 per stone depending on the type of details required. This is also not inclusive of shipping/handling fees that I assume you will be charged for the process. But if a peace of mind is what you need, then you should pay up for the grading fees or simply just buy diamonds that are already graded by GIA to begin with.

Lab Diamonds are grown usign technology that mimics the pressure and heat of the natural process that creates diamonds beneath the Earth's curst. They are indistinguishable from naturally diamonds since they have the exact same chemical and physical properties.

How rare are natural fancy colored diamonds? Extremely rare! Fancy colored diamonds are priced based on their hues and fancy color saturation. A fancy color diamond appears when trace elements interact with the carbon atoms of a forming colorless diamond as it encounters an impurity. If you're looking for a colored diamond, your options include fancy yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, green diamonds, purple diamonds, brown diamonds, black diamonds, red diamonds, and many more. From light to dark diamonds, the options are limitless.

Diamond color varies based on chemistry. For example, a canary yellow diamond gets its color from nitrogen. When there's enough nitrogen in the stone, it becomes one of the fancy yellow diamonds we know and love. A similar process happens with blue diamonds. For this type of diamond, boron atoms have to enter colorless diamonds. Boron doesn't often interact with diamond crystal structure, which is why blue diamonds are so rare. This is also why blue natural diamonds, even with faint blue hues, sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Though a treated diamond is much less expensive than a natural diamond, a treated color diamond is often far too expensive for the average buyer.

Many colored diamonds are lab grown to give you perfect color saturation shades at a fraction of the cost of a natural color diamond. Lab grown fancy colored diamonds have the exact same properties as treated or natural colored diamonds. Also, the color appears much stronger in a lab grown fancy colored diamond than in a mined colored diamond. This is because scientists have more control over the diamond's color and crystal structure in a lab. They can manipulate the different hues of its dominant color and secondary color, which combine to create the true color of a fancy intense diamond or fancy color diamond.

Lab grown white diamonds are also more affordable than natural diamonds. As an added bonus, Clean Origin's lab grown diamonds are 100% ethically sourced. If you have your heart set on a yellow diamond engagement ring or dream of a pink diamond, this might be your sign to shop lab grown for your dream ring!

Fancy color diamonds come in so many stunning shapes. Shapes such as pear, oval and radiant cut do a wonderful job of highlighting colored diamonds, allowing their colors to sparkle. Fancy diamonds do a great job at having their colors shine through, so most shapes work well with colored diamonds. Ultimately, the ideal shape for your colored diamond is up to you.

The diamond color scale makes it easy to pair other colored diamonds with the perfect precious metals. Diamonds with warm hues like a yellow diamond, orange diamond, or pink diamond go best with yellow gold or rose gold. Cool diamonds, which can have a purple color, blue color, green color, or greenish blue color look beautiful with white gold and platinum metals.

It's important to look for brilliant cuts that allow light to reflect beautifully. The cut of a diamond determines how well light reflects through and out of a diamond. In regards to colored diamonds, the cut is not the most important element, as colored diamonds are cut to have the color shine through.

The color grade of a diamond is rated from D to Z. D graded diamonds are nearly colorless, on the other hand, a Z graded diamond has visible pale hues shining through. While near colorless diamonds tend to decrease in value when their yellow hues are visible, the opposite occurs for colored diamonds.

The clarity of a diamond refers to the number of inclusions. Inclusions refer to imperfections that are found within. diamond. Generally, inclusions are nearly invisible to the naked eye and would have to be magnetized 10x in order to see any imperfections. Diamonds with fewer imperfections are graded higher on the GIA scale. The great thing about fancy colored diamonds is that their colors hide imperfections, allowing you to get a diamond filled with brilliance at a lower clarity grade, saving you money. 041b061a72


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