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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Oreo Ice Cream Roll Buy Online

For each flavor I run a thin spatula between the thin layer of ice cream and the chilled tray. Before your eyes the magic happens! Little spirals of ice cream form. For each flavor I roll 4 to 6 rolls and place them in a portable serving container. After topping with additional whipped cream these Homemade Rolled Ice Creams are ready to steal the show. Your friends and family will be beyond impressed with this dessert; no one will believe you made this at home so easily!

oreo ice cream roll buy online

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Yummy ! I tried it yesterday . It rolled perfectly and tasted out of the world ! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe ! Never thought could have made one them at home and i tried the cookies and cream !

Our signature rolls are created by pouring a super premium liquid ice cream base on a cold plate that reaches -20 degrees. The ice cream base along with your choice of toppings are then smashed, chopped, and spread into a thin layer. Once the ice cream firms up, a scrapper is used to roll the ice cream into delicous ice cream rolls

Simply Rolled offers made-to-order ice cream rolls, which is both fun to watch and delicious to eat. The ice cream is made fresh, locally, using non-gmo, hormone-free, grass-grazed dairy ingredients. Vegan options also available.

Hawaii's original ice cream roll shop. Be the one to feature Sweet Creams' locally-sourced ice cream rolls at your private event with custom-made flavors of your choice! From weddings to birthdays to graduations, handmade ice cream rolls are a treat your guests will be sure to enjoy and remember. Please contact us to begin planning for your special event.

What pairs better with grilling than a nice cold one? No summer celebration is complete without The Cold One Cake. Our returning The Cold One Cake is made with our chocolate roll cake and ice cream. With an iconic design, this show-stopping cake is a fun way to cool down on National Ice Cream Cake Day.

Our Unicorn Cake is sure to make your National Ice Cream Cake Day truly magical! This cake includes a colorful mane of frosting swirls, white chocolatey ears and a sugar cone horn rolled in sprinkles for a whimsical look. Customize the Unicorn Cake with your favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream and cake combination for an enchanted ice cream cake treat. 041b061a72


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