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Mario Kart Double Dash Is The Best Game You Will Ever Play ((NEW))

Since then, Mario Kart has become one of Nintendo's most successful properties and has sold in excess of 160 million copies worldwide across all titles. But, you may well ask, which one is best? That's not an easy question to answer in a series of solid gold console classics, so we turned to you, dear readers, to rate and rank every game in the series.

Mario Kart Double Dash is the best game you will ever play

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The game that birthed an entire genre (albeit a genre it dominates to the point where you wonder why any other company decides to make their own kart racer), Super Mario Kart got so much just right from the starting line that it still remains surprisingly playable and accessible decades later. There's no worrying about picking karts or wheels here; you select your character and hit the track. The split-screen layout (which is present even when racing solo) encourages a second player to pick up the pad, and it's certainly a game that is best enjoyed with a friend (or foe). The Battle mode has also stood the test of time superbly, and that iconic power-slide move still feels natural and intuitive.

MK8 is a decent MK game but imo the whole series is becoming stale now and needs a propper good shake up with something new adding in to the mix. More track just doesnt cut the mustard anymore. An adventure mode would be my choice. They added the low grav mechanic in to 8 but imo its pointless ans is only there just to be there. It really offers nothing to the expierience.The best kart game imo is easily Diddy Kong racing. A great Adventure mode, lovely track design within the 4 beautifully themed worlds, collectables in said tracks, multiple crafts to pilot which in turn allows them to design off road tracks, a great power up system, a great Time attack mode where you face TT(an in game represented character) and boss races. It really is a complete, joyous racing game.Oh.... and an African elephant on a flying carpet.

SMK is still the best IMO. Simple and clean visuals with sharp and frame based gameplay. And the tracks aren't too long so the skill game is infinite and easily accessible for anyone. If you can't beat the Rainbow Road in Time Trial without falling you can't give your opinion about this game.

DS and Double Dash have the best mechanics in the franchise; however, I do think there will be a point where 8 DLX surpasses them just purely through content (it's not there yet). 7 also currently has the best track selection of the series, but failed to capitalize on that with the omission of single player VS. Tour needs respect for laying down the foundation for the better half, by the end of 2023, of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's track selection.

To me, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best from a content and online standpoint, but Double Dash is my favorite when it comes down to the mechanics and gameplay. Double Dash also has the best battle mode for local play by far, since it was one of the last ones designed with only four players in mind. The battle maps are all a bit too big for local play in the games that came after.

The Coin item and Lakitu bring down MK8 DLX for me. At some point during the BCP, it could become my favorite. Mario Kart DS is my favorite, and I would say Double Dash!! has the best gameplay but lacks in content compared to more recent entries. Mario Kart 7 also has the best current track selection, even with Deluxe having twice as many tracks right now; however, it lacks single player VS...which is one of the worst omissions Nintendo has done for a game.

Mario Kart DS is definitely the most content-heavy entry in the series, with the Mission mode that was great but never showed up again, and was also the first to introduce choosing a racer AND a separate kart. Plus getting to re-play a lot of the N64 tracks in a handheld blew my little mind when I first played it.

Having been lucky to play the majority of these games when they first came out I think mario kart 8 just beats the SNES version. I have double dash and 64 and I enjoy them the least. 64 aged badly and the courses on double dash are rather boring. The SNES game is simple and the one I enjoy the most. Battle mode is hilarious, and time trial feels rewarding when seconds are shaved off and beating the ghost car. The SNES game has aged the best, A timeless classic.

While Mario Kart 8 may have been the fastest-selling game in the series, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best one. Going through your retro library, you might come across Mario Kart: Double Dash. Generally considered one of the best in the series, this is why it's still worth playing in 2020.

In an article on GameRevolution, Tyler Treese made an argument for why Mario Kart: Double Dash is the best entry in the series. Claiming that Nintendo has yet to top this GameCube racing classic, Treese discussed the driver-swapping and how it offered greater depth than any of the other games. Having the ability to trade driving duties between different characters gives the player the opportunity to exercise more strategy.

Treese is not alone in his assessment of Mario Kart: Double Dash as the best in the series. On Reddit, several users have come together to share a mutual love of Double Dash. A user named ThaRoastKing believed it was overhyped until playing it themselves. After getting their hands on it, ThaRoastKing called it their personal favorite.

Similar to the previous titles, Double Dash challenges Mario series player characters to race against each other on Mario-themed tracks. The game introduced a number of new gameplay features, such as supporting co-op gameplay with two riders per kart. One player drives the kart, and the other uses items. Players can switch at any time. Double Dash is the only game in the Mario Kart series to allow cooperative gameplay so far. Double Dash supports LAN play using the Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapter, allowing up to 16 players to compete simultaneously. There are 20 characters to select from in total, each of which with a special item, and with eleven characters being new to the series.

This is the only game in the series in which instead of one character per kart, there are two: one to drive, and one to use items; and is also the first in the series where players drop their items when hit by a weapon.

Since all karts go faster when using higher engine sizes, the 4 classes serve as difficulty levels. There are 16 tracks, divided into four cups: Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special. A fifth cup has the player race in every track called the All-Cup Tour, only available in this mode. The tour always starts with Luigi Circuit and ends with Rainbow Road, but the remaining tracks show up in random order.

After all the human players cross the finish line, the positions of the computer-controlled teams are immediately locked in and they are given points based on those eight positions, ranging from zero to ten. No matter which position they finished, everyone will move on to the next race because of these new rules.

In the Time Trial single-player mode, the player has to finish any of the 16 courses in the fastest time possible, with the best time being saved as a ghost, a carbon copy of the player's performance that they can race against in later runs. Each character will receive a mushroom, which can be used at any time during the run. (1P only)

In Co-op battles, the player in the back of the kart can perform a slide-attack on another driver, which can also steal balloons. Additionally, two new games have been implemented; the first is Shine Thief, a game where a team captures a Shine Sprite and maintaining possession of it for a certain amount of time, usually starting out with 55 to 60 seconds. Each time the Shine Sprite is lost, the counter will somewhat reset the time. For instance, if a player is able to keep possession of the Shine Sprite for only 30 seconds, the counter would reset to 40 instead of 60.

Double Dash!! was first shown at E3 2001 as a seven-second video clip. The clip featured Mario and Luigi driving their karts on a bump mapped 3D surface with no background. At the time, it was early in development, and the working title of the game was simply Mario Kart.[7] In April 2003, Nintendo released the first pictures and details of the game, as well as revealing the title to be Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.[8] At E3 2003, a playable demo of the game was available. New features, such as having two characters drive one kart, had been implemented.[9] An updated demo with some new additions was shown at the Games Convention in August 2003.[10] In September, Nintendo held a Gamers' Summit for the press, in which a nearly complete and more sped up version of Double Dash!! was displayed. The Gamers' Summit also announced the North American release date to be November 17, 2003.[11]

The development team struggled in devising gameplay features that would be enjoyed by the fans of the series. One of the hardest tasks chief director Kiyoshi Mizuki was assigned to do was to attract people who had no prior experience with the series; he decided to make the gameplay as simple as possible. Producer Shigeru Miyamoto presented the staff with a variety of opinions which they in turn would have to incorporate into the game the best way possible. Miyamoto let the team decide which graphics they wanted to use without restrictions.[12]

Double Dash!! received positive reviews from critics and fans. Nintendo Power gave the game a perfect score, and said the graphics were of "3-D perfection" and the controls and game mechanics "rival those of any [GameCube] racing game".[23] Double Dash!! also received a perfect score from GamePro, who commented that the gameplay remains "fast and furious".[25] The feature of having two riders per kart was praised by Justin Leeper and Andy McNamara of Game Informer; McNamara stated: "Giving the player control of two different characters is pretty cool in single-player, but add a friend on the back of your kart in multiplayer and it opens the game up like never before."[17] GameSpy called Double Dash!! a "great-looking, great-playing game that most gamers will instantly warm to."[19] Eurogamer thought the game was one of the "finest pieces of electronic entertainment ever developed."[26] GameZone's Louis Bedigian felt that none of the racing games he had played for the GameCube were as "spectacular" as Double Dash!!.[20] GMR's Andrew Pfister said, "Mario Kart: Double Dash is the most fun you'll have with a game this year. And probably next year. And maybe even the year after that".[27] Brett Elston of GamesRadar praised the game's "dual-riders idea and untouchable multiplayer".[6] Electronic Gaming Monthly said that the game's "pure, exhilarating glee will envelop your soul".[16]


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