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Strategic Applications Of Named Reactions In Or...

Kurti and Czako have produced an indispensable tool for specialists and non-specialists in organic chemistry. This innovative reference work includes 250 organic reactions and their strategic use in the synthesis of complex natural and unnatural products. Reactions are thoroughly discussed in a convenient, two-page layout--using full color. Its comprehensive coverage, superb organization, quality of presentation, and wealth of references, make this a necessity for every organic chemist.* The first reference work on named reactions to present colored schemes for easier understanding* 250 frequently used named reactions are presented in a convenient two-page layout with numerous examples* An opening list of abbreviations includes both structures and chemical names * Contains more than 10,000 references grouped by seminal papers, reviews, modifications, and theoretical works * Appendices list reactions in order of discovery, group by contemporary usage, and provide additional study tools* Extensive index quickly locates information using words found in text and drawings

Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Or...

Nature Chemistry readers interested in organic chemistry might find the following selection of free or moderately priced apps focused on drawing (ChemJuice and ChemDoodle), organic synthesis (Chemistry By Design), 3D molecular viewing (Molecules, Atomdroid and NKDmol), compound searching (ChemSpider) and periodic table (EMD PTE) to be of interest. Although some specific content types or features of chemistry texts or references lend themselves to being recreated in app format, it is far from clear that all would be suited for such a transition. An exciting and important exception is the new Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis (SANROS) app by Lazló Kürti and Barbara Czakó based on the popular book of the same name and published by Elsevier. The book version was already popular for its concise and masterful presentation of the most commonly used named reactions in organic chemistry, but immediate access to this valuable source at your fingertips is only one of many benefits that make the app version more appealing than the printed one.

In many ways the app platform has allowed the book to come alive with the addition of several useful interactive and search features. For example, a list of more than 450 abbreviations of most frequently used reagents, solvents and catalysts can be searched and accessed at any time with the full chemical name and structure being displayed. Another useful feature is the ability to search by reaction categories (oxidations, rearrangements, ring expansions and so on) to find representative named reactions. My personal favourite is a new feature called Specify Transformation, which allows the user to search the 250 named reactions by initial and/or target functional group (allene, diene, epoxide and so on). I found myself searching for 'allene' as a target functional group and was delighted in rediscovering Doering-La Flamme allene synthesis, a fantastic reaction.

My only reservation is that I wish it was priced more moderately to make it more attractive to undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows in the field. I eagerly await the launch of the full iPad version and I certainly hope that an android version of SANROS will be launched soon so that the armies of Android and PC-device users will be able to enjoy this wonderful app. It is important to note that SANROS is not the only app product on the market that tackles named reactions: an elaborate app called NAMED REACTIONS PRO from Synthetiq Solutions is also available from the App Store ($9.99). 041b061a72


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