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Buy Jasmine Rice In Bulk

Grown with earth-preserving practices, our 20+ rice and quinoa varieties are cultivated to maximize the flavor of each tiny grain. Long, short, black, brown, white, red, and blended. Each variety brings something different to the table so you can get creative in the kitchen.

buy jasmine rice in bulk

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Jasmine Rice is a fragrant, long-grain white rice with an aromatic, very soft and delicate flavor. Named after a flower, Jasmine rice has grown in Thailand for centuries and renowned for its silky texture, and sweet, nutty flavor. It is also known as Thai Hom Mali Rice and Thai Jasmine Rice. Although originally grown in Thailand, it is now cultivated in India and the United States. Jasmine rice is considered to have an excellent cooking quality because when it is cooked it has a distinct fluffiness and slightly sticky texture. Compared to another rice favorite, basmati rice, the grains of Jasmine Rice are shorter and thicker, too making it the perfect consistency for steaming so the water or broth is completely absorbed.

Chefs and foodies alike love Jasmine Rice and serve it with a variety of stir fry recipes or as a side dish with grilled meat, seafood, legumes, beans or a combination of veggies. It is also an excellent addition to soups, stews, and casseroles. Coconut milk and curry are ingredients that pair well with this fragrant rice. Cooked Jasmine rice can be frozen in an airtight container for up to three months.

Puffed Jasmine rice is perfect for achieving the classic flavor and aroma elements of Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine) Rice, delivering subtle and delicate notes to the wort. Puffed Jasmine is pre-gelatinized in the puffing process, so the starches are readily hydrated and easily incorporated into the mash. Milling is highly recommended so that the gelatinized starches in these products will be exposed to the diastatic enzymes in the base malt that are responsible for conversion from starch to sugar.

Jasmine rice in bulk is supplied by many exporters in large rice exporting countries like Vietnam, India and Thailand at different prices. However, the quality of jasmine rice in bulk is getting better and better to meet the needs of picky customers.

Many countries that consume rice in mass are turning to jasmine rice in bulk. Because jasmine rice is suited for everyone, there is a steady growth in production and demand for jasmine rice, which has various good signs.

Jasmine rice in bulk is a long-grain rice variety of Asian rice, that is mostly grown in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Rice is a key element of the diet and plays a central part in practically every meal throughout Asia, India, and the Middle East, where it is commonly consumed. This rice is moist and soft when cooked, with a somewhat sweet flavor. When cooked, the rice grains are aromatic and slightly sticky, albeit not as sticky as sticky rice. Jasmine rice has a distinct scent, flavor, and texture that sets it apart from other varieties of rice.

Production of jasmine rice is one of the main elements affecting the price of jasmine rice in bulk. For example, the total jasmine rice production in Thailand in 2020 witnessed a slight reduction because of an extreme drought, from 312kg/1000m (in 2019) to only 287kg/1000m. The decrease in jasmine rice in bulk production causes the increase in the price of Thai jasmine rice in bulk exports (about 5 USD/ton).

Jasmine rice addresses the sensory preferences of Asian consumers living in North America. Jasmine rice is finding a niche and growth potential in new markets like the EU, the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Jasmine accounts for 15 to 18% of Thai rice exports in volume, but contributes to half of rice exports incomes in Thailand. This proves the demand for jasmine rice in bulk is huge. The non-stop decreasing demand for jasmine rice continues to push up the annual jasmine rice price slightly (825 USD/ton-1111 USD/ton).

Expensive shipping costs remain an obstacle for exports. A trader said many deals have been delayed due to high shipping and logistics charges. Freight rates are higher on long-haul routes, such as the Asia-Europe and Asia-North America routes. Freight charges at these routes have increased about 4 to 8 times within a year. Congestion at the destination port is becoming more and more common, causing delays in delivery. In addition, freight from Asia to West Africa is currently up to 130-150 USD/ton, too high considering the transport cost structure in rice prices in West African markets. This case pushed the price of jasmine rice in bulk up so much.

Classified by colors, white jasmine rice (most consumed by global customers) and jasmine rice in brown color are popular because it helps lose weight and does wonders for human health.Besides, there are many products that are bred from jasmine rice in bulk like OM5451 or Jazzman. Each type of rice is quite similar and customers have more options to meet their own needs.