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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Leonardo Watson
Leonardo Watson

The Heist

In the second season of The Heist, we follow her quest to confront the enormous wealth gap between Black and white Americans with tools of the banking system that has helped perpetuate it. And we tell the story of that gap, a centuries-long heist pulled off through virulent discrimination.

The Heist

Follow Jackie to the back room where Dex and T-Bug are waiting to go over the heist's details. You can have a quick conversation with T-Bug before placing the flathead in the case if you want. Once you do, sit and Dex will begin to ask you some questions, particularly about Evelyn, who you can reveal wanted to cut out the middleman or not. Regardless, Dex will eventually direct you to a shard on the table, take it as Dex and T-Bug continue to fill you in on the plan.

Navigate the conversation with Jackie as you wish until T-Bug calls. Test your private comms. This will end right as you pull up to your destination. Store your weapons and exit the vehicle. It's time to start the heist.

The Heist is a music track that is unlocked in Zemouregal's Base, in the area that lies behind the third door, which is unlocked with a Base key found in Zemouregal's fort during The Curse of Arrav quest as well as during Dishonour among Thieves. It is quite similar to the music track Lamistard's Labyrinth. It is named this because it is unlocked during the part of the quest where you have to go on a "heist" into Zemouragal's base to retrieve Arrav's heart. The track was updated on 23 February 2015 with the release of Dishonour among Thieves quest.

In front of the bank, Richard chats with the Donut Cop and two other police officers, but gets cold feet and flees the scene upon hearing of the harsh penalties of accidental theft, ditching the suitcase and running back to the alley. However, the Donut Cop shows up to return the suitcase, believing Richard to have forgotten it by accident. Nicole proposes that they perform a heist (in reverse) to return the money.

As it turned out, Reitmeyer and Broussard were brother and sister. The woman had been planning to rob the Wells Fargo office for years, she said, because it had "practically no security." She enlisted the services of her brother, who then recruited Marilyn Gervais to be the van driver, telling her this was a "once-in-a-lifetime deal." Marilyn encouraged her husband to take part in the heist, though he tried to talk her out of it. 041b061a72


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