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Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1

Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1: A Powerful Tool for Structural Geology

If you are looking for a software that can help you with structural modelling and analysis, you might want to check out Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1. This software is designed to handle complex geological problems and provide accurate solutions.

Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1

In this article, we will give you an overview of what Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 can do, how it works, and why you should use it for your projects.

What is Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1?

Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 is a software package that allows you to create, manipulate, and analyze 2D and 3D models of geological structures. It is developed by Midland Valley, a company that specializes in structural geology and tectonics.

With Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1, you can:

  • Build realistic models of faults, folds, fractures, and other features using various data sources, such as maps, cross-sections, seismic images, well logs, and field observations.

  • Apply kinematic and mechanical principles to simulate the deformation history and evolution of your models.

  • Perform geomechanical analysis to assess the stress and strain state, fracture potential, fluid flow, and reservoir quality of your models.

  • Visualize and communicate your results using high-quality graphics, animations, and reports.

Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 is compatible with Windows (64bit), Redhat Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. It requires a minimum of 300 MB of disk space and 4 GB of RAM.

How does Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 work?

Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 works by using a combination of geometric and numerical methods to model and analyze geological structures.

The software consists of several modules that perform different functions:

  • Move Core: This is the main module that allows you to create and edit 2D and 3D models using various tools, such as drawing, snapping, trimming, splitting, merging, extruding, rotating, scaling, etc.