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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Fear Hunger: Termina 2 [v1.8] By Orange~

got all the B endings. if you guys want i can write them down for you. the art was of course pathetic but my ranking of the endings(art aside) would be>goodmarcohlevi>mehkarin>baddoctoroliviathe mechanicyellow mage>doesn't even make sensemarinai get the feeling the endings were rushed(even more so then the rest of the game) i genuinely feel silly for getting excited for termina the game just doesn't capture the same magic of the first one like something is missing. i think orange just caught lightning in a bottle the first time idk why i expected this one to be as good. this has been a disappointing experience.

Fear Hunger: Termina 2 [v1.8] By orange~

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