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Best Buy Princeton Nj Phone

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best buy princeton nj phone

The next time you walk into that big blue and yellow store, don't be surprised to see facial steamers, wicker furniture, and microdermabrasion tools alongside 80-inch TVs, cell phones, and computer monitors.

You may visit Best Buy in Nassau Park Pavilion at 251 Nassau Park Boulevard, in the south part of Princeton, in Lawrenceville (a few minutes walk from Mercer Mall). The store looks forward to serving the customers of Lawrenceville, Kingston, Millstone Township, Pennington, Trenton, Windsor, Princeton Junction and Plainsboro. If you plan to stop by today (Saturday), it's open from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm. This page will give you all the information you need on Best Buy Nassau Park, Princeton, NJ, including the hours of operation, local map, telephone number and other beneficial info.

Best Buy is an electronics company that sells televisions, computers, iPods, stereos and much more. You can order cell phone service, upgrade your existing phone and more from the Best Buy website or store. In terms of customer service, customers can choose to visit the Best Buy customer service page for contact information. There is also a contact us link that offers additional customer service options.

The customer service phone number for Best Buy is automated. We pressed 1 to hear the automated responses in English. Then the call started sounding more like a sales pitch than a customer service call as individual products were being described with options to learn more as part of the available selections. We pressed 0 twice to be transferred to a customer service agent. The agent that answered the phone asked where she could direct our call. We asked for a customer service agent with experience with iPad. We were transferred and the call was picked up by a representative in about 30 seconds. The agent was able to answer our question about the iPad quickly.

On or about Oct. 1 st. I received through the mail a new Premier Annual Benefit for Geek Squad Serevice in the mail.I called the number ( 1-866-797-7367 ) Oct. 3 rd. to ask for them to come out to my house and help me fix my internet. The person I spoke to did not seem to know anything about this new service. I spent some time on the phone explaining to her what I wanted ( which was to use this Free House Call to help me get my internet working so I could access lap top computers in my home.)After a few minuts, she told me she was going to transfer me to another representitive. After a few minuts I was told by a recording the call could not be put through. I houg up and called the Geek Squad. When I got a representitive on the phone, I told her I wanted to take advantage of thei Free service. She did not seem to understand. I finally told her to send a representitive out to my home. The appoint was set up for Oct. 4 @ 8:00. The representitive came out and did a fine job getting my computers to access the internet ane interface with the lap tops in the home. I then went to Merrillville, and talked to a representitive at the Geek Squad desk. He was polite ( and patient ) about my request.I again explained to him that I wanted to take advantage of this free annual service. AFTER 45 MINUTS ON THE PHONE AND TALKING TO 3 OR 4 PEOPLE ON THE PHONE,I FINALLY TOLD HIM TO FORGET IT. THE NET RESULTS IS I HAVE AN 89.00 BILL ON MY ACCOUNT. In closing I would like to say Best Buy sells quality products at fair prices. and your representitives are courteous and professional. BUT YOUR CUSTOMER PHONE SERVICE LEAVES MUCH TO BE DESIRED. Thank You F. Hall Premium card # 0217869544

I get an email from bestbuy saying they are going to charge me 39.99 in a few days for kaspersky to be renewed.I cal their customer service and tell me that they could not do anything and I should contact my bank which I did and they tell me they couldnt do anything.Finally after an 1/2 on the phone I found out I got to cancell my membership and I never joined nothing.So I called bestbuy again and finally got through to some one to cancell my so called membership.Got a confirmation no but they would not send an email stating that so I called the bank back to give them the number.I WILL NOT STEP FOOT IN BEST BUY FOR NO REASON EVER AGAIN.This is rediculous and spent 45 minutes getting this straightened out.

As a long time best buy customer, and very satisfied with the service i get from my local Best buy, i must write to celebrate great customer service in a Best Buy that i dont frequent, because its not where i live, its were i work. the best buy in princeton nj, the moble section, Anthony, Naomi, Beth, and Kevin went above and beyond there expectations for me and my phone crisis. They are keepers and would love to work with them again.I hope this reaches them and they should be awarded for the amazing customer service they provided me!

Horrible service. Unable to leave the store with product after my stellar credit was discussed by sells reps. They kept waiting for sales card and you get card in mail not in store. They had all they needed to give me my product. Left for Korea next day without the product due to their ignorance.2) my computer I paid cash for previously from best buy is in need of repair in less than a year. I am without a computer for 2-3 weeks. 3) Sent email to Best Buy Got notice they received my email said I would have response in 3 days.A month later I am still waiting.4)called today to terminate card automated message said I had won a 100 certificate press 1. Pressed 1 then told I was next in line then told call back some other time and best buy disconnected me. I did not speak to anyone. They are starless!

i am pissed off by best buy i ordered a sharp tv at bestbuy i placed the order by phone i recived email coforming my order it was one day sale at 699 best buy caceled my order giving me so many stupid reason one of them is tv was not in stock tvs are available all most all best buy store for 999 they are not willing to sell the tv for 699 any more because one day sale is over i find that is not fair i have order conformation no for 699 i need experty advice thanks

Hi I would like to file a complain with one of your store services mobile. I purchase a plan on 11/29 /2010 for my son Iphone for 14.99 a month. I was told by Ms .Denise that this plan would cover any problmes we have with the phone,that we would not go thru the hassel of getting a reforbuse phone and i would not have to spend additiinal money like $50.00 s,and sent off for a replacement that his phone would be replaced with a new phone. This is why i paid fot this services. My son and husbanb went in on Tuesday and was told their was no such plan. I am very dispointed that a sale person would di this to customers. I even went my credit card expired someone called me and told me the same thing when i had to cintinue paying the plan. I wont resolution that this sales person will nit take advantage if someone else times are hade and for people to be riped off is not right. I would have just went with the general plan that AT&T offered. Information is GSBTP# is 3588589480. My Son now has to wait until i can save uo to pay for a phone whic i could have saved up that money to get him one paying 14.99 for 2 years. VERY SAD Geek Squard Black Protectiin Plan

I just concluded a conversation on the phone with a customer service representative (beginning around 1408PT) in which she sighed exasperatedly at my questions, raised her voice at me, and shouted me down while I tried to clarify answers with her. This was beyond a doubt the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. I am deeply hurt and unlikely to spend any money on Best Buy products in teh future, much less this coming holiday season.

i purchased a note 2 phone,and didnt like it ,i returned it next day and i was told no no cash over 500 and i paid cash there is no where in the receipt said that best buy will issue a check over 500,the manger was rude and out of shape ,he told me to purchase somthing that over the 500 and he will gime the rest in cash and he told me to comback and return the rest next day ,all the cash returned to me in singles and fives and asked for hundreds bills and this young man was rude and told me if the atm machine will give hundreds and keep arguing with me ,it is shame that bet buy is loosing there toutch and dont care at all a bout there customer ,poor training and poor quality service .and your balck friday is wortless i was there for 4 hours to get a tv for my moyher in law ,i was on line to get a ticket and no luck and i end up buying 2 computers ,i came for one thing and endup diferent things ,plus they sold me open box tv that didnt have all the part and theey gave me hell to exchange it shame on you best buy .the word is speading regarding your nasty service for a loyal clients,banch of idiots that dont care about us more than taking our money

WHAT A JOKE!! After spending what felt like forever, to purchase some Bose headphones. Someone finally rang me out. After getting home, i realized they didnt offer me a replacement plan on my headphones. When i spend any large amounts on anything i always purchase it. After talking to the chat, geek squad and being hung up on numerous times, im still waiting to purchase my replacement plan. My times about up to purchase it, if i cannot buy the plan i am going to be forced to return the headphones and get them else where.

I would like to relate my experience with the Muncie IN Best Buy store. I went in last night to buy a small laptop computer. The salesperson told me what I was looking at was junk and would probably break in 6 months. She then steered me to a Surface tablet, that started out at $499.00 but when was added with a keyboard, screen protector and fee for putting it on and also a mouse added up to over $700.00. I just wanted a small computer to do e-mail, facebook, pictures etc. My question is, if I was looking at junk why do you sell it in your stores. I left with nothing. I will not be back. I did not appreciate being pushed to spend more money than I had and then being told I could open up a best buy account. I had a bad experience in your store. 041b061a72


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