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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Скачать Мир через 10 лет 10 Years Later Mod ...

At the onset of 2000, I was single and wasn't not in any kind of relationship. Then, I was fortunate enough to meet my wife in 2000 in the same company, and we got married after knowing each other for less than a year. Today, we will soon be celebrating our 9 year anniversary. I am so lucky to have a wife that is supporting and devoting. And after that many years, we still love and trust each other like day one. What a magic!

Скачать Мир через 10 лет 10 Years Later Mod ...


10 years ago, being a software engineer, I was celebrating the millennium in the office preparing for the worst the Y2K bug might bring. Back then, I never imagined that I would be staying in the same company for more than 3 years. Actually, just before the dot com crash, I was very close to quit the company and got involved in a start-up, until I was offered a managerial position and chose to stay.

It has been a long and fulfilling ride career-wise ever since. As of 2009, I've been working in the same firm for 11 years. During the past decade, we moved back and forth across the oceans, worked in different countries and cultures. I have worked in a lot of different functions, have been trusted with positions of growing responsibility, and am compensated handsomely.

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