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Return To Monkey Island V1.3.1

As Whitebeard died during the war, the island lost its protection, but shortly afterward Big Mom claimed Fish-Man Island, although in contrast to Whitebeard's protection for benevolent reasons, she provides her protection in exchange for a large tribute of candy every month, thus restoring peace. After parting ways with Luffy, Jinbe attempted to return to the island, but with it no longer protected by Whitebeard and the resignation of his Warlord of the Sea position, he was forced to leave the island once again for his own protection.[21] He left a message for prince Fukaboshi to deliver to Luffy once he finally arrived on the island.[22]

Return to Monkey Island v1.3.1

After the three of them returned to the cruise liner to return back to the academy, the liner was suddenly surrounded by monsters and battleships of the Principality of Fanoss. As the liner did not have any weapons at all to fight against them, Princess Hertrude gave them one hour to decide if they wanted to surrender and die. An envoy was sent by them to pick up any students belonging to baron rank higher as prisoners of war, but Angelica deciding to sacrifice herself, as she was a Duke's daughter, stepped forward to let the others escape. Olivia and Leon tried to protest against this but the other students stopped them from doing anything. Leon was put in a cell below the deck with Olivia outside it crying with both being dishevelled as they fought against the other students who quietly let Angelica being taken hostage to let them escape. Chris then came asking for Leon's help to let the other students escape as an envoy had come to tell them that Angelica was the only hostage they needed and told them to put up their best fight as the nobility. Leon, hearing this was pissed, telling him that he won't be helping those who were the ones who threw Leon in this cell and abandoned Angelica. Chris realizing that he could not get Leon's help was leaving when Leon called out to him to let him finish talking before leaving. He told him that even he tried to keep the monsters busy they were surrounded which would ultimately led to all of their demise. So the only choice was to fight and it was not going to be just them, it was going to be all the students and crew who had to take responsibility for handing Angelica. Chris replied it was impossible as all the students were devastated after hearing what was going to happen to them with Leon being the only last person who he could ask for help. Leon replied that there was no other option besides this if they wanted to live. Leon told Chris that the only way they were going to win if they charge straight towards them, storm their fortress and take their banner. Only thing they had to do was protecting the cruiser leaving the charge to Leon. Chris realizing this was the only way they could live released Leon. Leon then told Olivia that she was going to help as well to which she readily agreed. Chris had all of them come to the reception hall telling them that the only chance they had to live was for everyone to fight against them but the other students were not keen with this idea. Leon then comes up the stage and rested the shotgun which he had gotten from one of the crew members on his shoulders. He then told the students present that he was officially knighted and was a baron, lower-fifth rank which ultimately led him to be above the teachers present. He then as the person in the highest hierarchy present told them to fight with one of the students shouting him to do the fighting with Leon replying that he was to as he was a real noble unlike the fakers they were. Deirde then came forward telling him that calling her as a faker was quite an insult even though she belonged to an earl family. Leon hearing this was not startled at all and kept on that he was a true a noble as he was a real adventurer who achieved with his own hands. Deirdre hearing this snapped telling her that her household had offered an entire island to the Kingdom with them having conquered various dungeons with Leon being too arrogant to compare them with him. Leon to her surprise agreed with her telling her that her ancestors were the real deal, but their descendants were cowards. They were afraid to even fight for their life even though they may die soon without doing anything. The students hearing Leon's words became angry as the nobles of the Kingdom were descended from adventurers and all of them decided to fight to prove Leon wrong. Deirdre then asked what Leon's plan was with him replying that they were going to do a frontal assault with him leading the charge on his airbike Schwert. The fight began an hour later after the envoy had come to tell them their fate with Leon leading the charge on Schwert and Chris with five people more in armors guarding the cruiser. Olivia was going around the cruiser using healing magic to heal the injured the people. Suddenly the Principality had all their airships canons aimed at them with Olivia screaming that she could not let this happen which led lights pouring out of her protecting the cruiser and also blasting away the nearby monsters her charm shining faintly. Leon was able to rescue Angelica also took Hertrude as a captive. He quickly went to the cruise liner and let Angelica and Hertrude, but to everyone's dismay Garrett had ordered all the ships to open fire with Hertrude using a spell to release the monsters out of her control so the monsters would attacked the one who was controlling, so the monsters began moving towards the liner as well. Angelica seeing this was asking her why she was going to such desperate lengths. Seeing this Leon went out again to buy some time for them and Angelica wishing to help him as well was suddenly surrounded by flames with her red charm glowing faintly, was shocked as she recognized the magic as Fire Lance but she was not ever to use this before. Grateful for the miracle she used it to blow away the monsters and quickly went to Olivia who was lying on the floor after using up all her magic to protect the ship. She supported Olivia and tried to take take her away from the deck where all the fighting was going on. Olivia began telling how she wanted to help them as she always dragged Leon and her down. Angelica rebuked her mentality telling her that helping her was never any problem as she was her precious friend. Suddenly one the warships rammed into their ship and to save Olivia Angelica pushed her and burned the monster who was racing towards them. The deck tilted at that exact moment which caused Angelica to lose her footing with Angelica managing to still remain by latching on the handrails, but the handrails were on the verge of breaking as well and at this height she was surely to die if she was to fall. Angelica had just made peace with her coming death but Olivia plunged forward grasping her hand with a pure look of determination and together with her help and Angelica using her last bit of strength climbed back safely on the deck. Angelica was angry on Olivia as she could have fallen of as well with her but Olivia replied that she had to save her with tears rolling down her eyes as Angelica had said she was her friend with Angelica calling her a fool as it was not enough justification to put her life on risk. Just them another quake occurred through the ship and this time Olivia was the one who went tumbling down over the edge. Angelica stretched out her her hands but she could not reach Olivia in time. Leon then plunged downward on his way to rescue Olivia with her believing that Leon would able to rescue him. 041b061a72


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