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The Ultimate Guide to Southland Tales Full Movie in Hindi Download

Southland Tales Full Movie in Hindi Download: A Sci-Fi Satire You Don't Want to Miss

If you are looking for a mind-bending, dystopian, and darkly humorous film to watch online, you might want to check out Southland Tales. This 2006 movie, directed by Richard Kelly (the same guy who made Donnie Darko), is an ensemble piece set in the futuristic landscape of Los Angeles, as it stands on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster.


The film features a star-studded cast, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, Mandy Moore, Jon Lovitz, Wallace Shawn, and John Larroquette. The plot revolves around an action star who's stricken with amnesia (Johnson), a porn star who is developing her own reality TV project (Gellar), and a policeman who holds the key to a vast conspiracy (Scott).

Southland Tales is a cult classic that has divided critics and audiences alike. Some have praised its ambitious vision, its rich tapestry of post-millennial visuals and skewering of the Far Right and the Far Left, and its extravagant flailing. Others have criticized its incoherence, its unpolished execution, and its cluttered and cacophonous screed.

How to Watch Southland Tales Full Movie in Hindi Online for Free

If you are curious to see this sci-fi satire for yourself, you might be wondering how to watch Southland Tales full movie in Hindi online for free. Well, there are a few options available for you.

One option is to use Movies Anywhere, a digital service that lets you access your purchased or redeemed digital movies across different platforms and devices. You can purchase Southland Tales on Movies Anywhere for $12.99 and watch it on your preferred device. Movies Anywhere also supports multiple languages, including Hindi. You can change the language settings on your device or on the Movies Anywhere app to watch Southland Tales full movie in Hindi.

Another option is to use, a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, music, and more. You can find Southland Tales on and stream it online or download it for offline viewing. also has subtitles for Southland Tales in different languages, including Hindi. You can enable the subtitles on the video player or download them separately.

However, before you watch Southland Tales full movie in Hindi online for free, you should be aware that the film has two different versions: the original Cannes cut and the theatrical cut. The original Cannes cut is longer (160 minutes) and more complex than the theatrical cut (145 minutes), which was re-edited and shortened after a disastrous reception at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. The Cannes cut is considered by some fans to be the superior version of the film, while others prefer the theatrical cut for its clarity and coherence. The version that you will find on Movies Anywhere and is the theatrical cut.

What is Southland Tales About?

Southland Tales is a complex and multi-layered film that defies easy categorization. It is a sci-fi satire that mixes elements of comedy, drama, mystery, thriller, musical, and animation. It is also a political commentary that explores themes such as terrorism, war, media, religion, identity, time travel, and the end of the world.

The film is set in an alternate 2008, where the United States is on the verge of collapse after a nuclear attack on Texas in 2005. The country is under martial law, with a surveillance system called US-Ident tracking every citizen's move. A new form of energy called Fluid Karma, derived from the ocean's currents, has been discovered by a mysterious company called Treer Corporation. Fluid Karma has the power to alter reality and manipulate space-time.

The film follows the intertwined stories of six main characters, who are all connected by a prophecy from the Book of Revelation. They are:

  • Boxer Santaros (Johnson), an action star who's stricken with amnesia and believes he is writing a screenplay called "The Power" with his lover Krysta Now.

  • Krysta Now (Gellar), an adult film star who is developing her own reality TV project called "Krysta Now" and has a psychic link with Boxer.

  • Roland Taverner (Scott), a Hermosa Beach police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy and has a twin brother named Ronald.

  • Zora Carmichaels (Mandy Moore), Boxer's wife and the daughter of Senator Bobby Frost (Holmes Osborne), who is running for president.

  • Pilot Abilene (Justin Timberlake), a former soldier who was wounded in Iraq and now narrates the film and works as a Fluid Karma sniper.

  • Nana Mae Frost (Miranda Richardson), the wife of Senator Frost and the head of US-Ident.

The film culminates in a climactic event on July 4th, 2008, where the fate of the world will be decided.

Why You Should Watch Southland Tales Full Movie in Hindi Today

Southland Tales is not a film for everyone. It is a challenging and divisive film that requires multiple viewings and attention to detail to fully appreciate. It is also a film that has gained more relevance and resonance over time, as some of its predictions and themes have become more evident in our current reality.

Southland Tales is a film that offers an intriguing vision of the future, a unique cinematic experience, and a daring artistic expression. It is a film that will make you think, laugh, wonder, and question. It is a film that will stay with you long after you watch it.

If you are looking for something different, something original, something provocative, you should watch Southland Tales full movie in Hindi today. You might love it or hate it, but you will never forget it. b99f773239


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