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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Leonardo Watson
Leonardo Watson

[S1E3] Somebody Up There Likes Ben EXCLUSIVE

AMANDA: For any of us that get into that sphere, there's somebody in your life that you want to help, whether it's a close friend, or a family member, or maybe it's yourself. And for me it was both myself and somebody else.

[S1E3] Somebody Up There Likes Ben

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So I have an autoimmune condition. I have Eczema. It started kind of on my wrists was where it first presented and then it just slowly started creeping outward. And then one day I woke up and it was on my face. And then as it continued on my face, it got so bad that my eyes swelled shut. And you know, I had to have somebody else drive me to the doctor just to be able to, to get there, to get something to help relieve that.

AMANDA: I think there's a certain amount of confidence that's inherent. As you do things that scare you, you build confidence. But I do think having those support systems is a huge piece of that. So, to have somebody have that much faith that you're in pursuit of something you love, it's like, wow, I must really be like radiating that I love this thing. 041b061a72


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