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Dell Xps 12 Charger Best Buy UPD

The Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Dock is made for ultrabooks like the Dell XPS 13 9310. Not only does it vastly expand the number of ports and slots on one of the best laptops on the market, but it gives it the 90W power for charging and additional perks the notebook requires.

dell xps 12 charger best buy

The best touchscreen laptops have responsive, accurate screens that make swiping and tapping your way through work or play feel natural and intuitive. They also have bright, vibrant displays, and are often mounted on a 360-degree hinge that lets them flip over to use as tablets.

Add in its respectable 10-plus hour battery life and the touchscreen's tall 3:2 display ratio, which can help you read and edit documents more comfortably, and you have a great notebook for getting things done on the go. The speakers are pretty good, too; in fact, this is one of the best-sounding laptops around.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano is one of the best touchscreen laptops when weight is key, because it manages to pack highly performant components into a slim, 2-pound chassis. The touchscreen feels comfortable to use, as does the snappy keyboard, and its 12-hour battery life (based on our in-house battery testing) helps you carry it all day without worrying about bringing a charger.

Its small size and lightweight design make the Surface Pro 8 ideal to use at home or on the road. The front-facing and rear cameras are also fantastic, providing clean detailed images. Unfortunately, the Surface Pro 8 disappoints as a gaming device and didn't live up to the promised 16 hours of battery life in our testing. Despite some of those qualms, the Surface 8 Pro is arguably the best Surface Pro yet.

The Pixelbook Go is a great touchscreen laptop for students who need a Chromebook because it offers long battery life (11+ hours), solid performance, a bright, colorful display and a responsive touchscreen. If you've got over $600 to spend, this is one of the best Chromebooks yet for those willing to dip into the premium range. Just be aware that the Pixelbook Go is a bit short on ports, and doesn't fold into tablet mode like its bigger Pixelbook brother does.

Performance and features-wise, this beauty is a beast. Its stunning 13.3-inch touchscreen crushed our color and brightness tests, and it helps make TV and movies look great. Its Intel CPUs are beefy enough to handle business-grade workloads without issues, and its keyboard is one of the most pleasant we've ever typed on. HP Elite Dragonfly also offers over 12 hours of battery life, so you can carry it through a day of meetings without needing to worry about running dry. The Dragonfly is on the expensive side with a starting price of $1,629, but those who are willing to pay a premium will be rewarded with one of the best touchscreen laptops on the market.

Why you should buy the PowerXL Vortex air fryerIf you love fried food but you're worried about the negative health effects of using too much oil when cooking, then you should switch to an air fryer like the PowerXL Vortex. Like the best air fryers, it cooks using electric heat that's circulated by fans, resulting in crispy food with juicy insides. The PowerXL Vortex uses 1700W of power to cook all kinds of ingredients, and with its adjustable thermostat, you'll have complete control over your recipes as you can customize the temperature at any moment. There's also a timer with an automatic shut-off function once the cooking is done, for convenience as you can leave the air fryer while you prepare other parts of your planned meal.

If you're looking for one of the best ways to charge your electric vehicle, Best Buy has a great deal for you today. Right now, you can buy the Juicebox 25ft Electric Vehicle Charger for $549, saving you $120 off the regular price of $669. Convenient for anyone who wants to be able to charge from home more efficiently, this level 2 electric vehicle charger is sure to be a hit with you. You'll need to be fast though as, predictably, this deal of the day ends today. Let's take a quick look at why it's worth it.

Why you should buy the Juicebox 25ft Electric Vehicle ChargerIf you've been reading up on how to charge your electric car at home, you'll notice Juicebox gets a mention. Its Level 2 chargers are more powerful than Level 1 so you can refill your battery quicker. With the Juicebox 25ft Electric Vehicle Charger, you can expect up to six times faster charging than with the charger that came with your car. Universal compatibility means it works with all TVs on the market today and in the future, including Teslas thanks to a commonly used adapter.

The best antivirus deals offer you great protection for your devices in a nice and simple-to-use package. Right now, there are some great antivirus deals out there so we've narrowed things down to the highlights of the bunch. Read on while we guide you through the best options and explain why you should consider them.Today's Best Antivirus DealsNortonLifeLock 360 Deluxe -- $25, was $90

Fortunately, if your system gets power via USB-C, you can easily find a third party charger that weighs less, looks better and may even have additional ports for charging other devices at the same time. The latest, greatest and best USB-C laptop chargers use semiconductors made from GaN (Gallium Nitride) rather than silicon, which allows them to handle more current in a smaller space.

Though it is conservatively rated for 65 watts, in our tests, the 3.65oz Aukey Omnia PA-B4 managed a maximum sustained rate of 72.6 watts (19.2V / 3.78A). After 20 minutes of that maximum the temperature hit a steamy 139 degrees Fahrenheit, but the charger was a much cooler 120 degrees, the second coolest of all chargers we tested, when run at 64 degrees.

When outputting either its maximum wattage or just below its rated wattage, the Aukey Omnia PA-B5 can get pretty hot, returning skin temperatures of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (73.9 Celsius) and 154 degrees (67.8 Celsius) respectively. However, if it's not pulling close to the maximum -- as laptops rarely do -- the charger will be quite a bit cooler. When we pulled just 65 watts, the Aukey Omnia PA-B5's temperature hit just 119 degrees Fahrenheit, which is in line with what the coolest 65-watt chargers.

At 64 watts, one below its rated maximum, the RAVPower Pioneer RP-PC133 maintained a skin temperature of just 119 degrees Fahrenheit (48.3 Celsius), which is pleasantly cool compared to most chargers we tested.

To see how each USB-C Laptop Charger performed, we attached it to a MakerHawk (opens in new tab)load tester.l (opens in new tab). In order to get the chargers to perform, we had to run them through a USB PD trigger chip, which allowed us to turn their voltage mode up to the 19 - 20V range that's required for laptop charging. Then we turned the dials on the load tester until we reached the maximum amperage each could deliver and then set a timer for 20 minutes to see if the charger could sustain this wattage and how hot it got after that time.

We found that some chargers, specifically all three RAVPower chargers we tested, could not sustain their highest possible wattages and, after less than 20 minutes, would shut down. We conducted a second series of heat tests with each charger at one watt below its maximum rated wattage (ex: 59 watts on a 60-watt charger) and recorded the temperature there as well.

If a charger had dual ports, we plugged one port into a USB-C phone while we used the other with the load tester. We also tried these dual-port setups with a real laptop, a ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 8) and used a USB-C power meter to see how much the charger was delivering.

Whether you're shopping for one of the best USB-C laptop chargers or a different model, you may find savings by checking out our lists of the latest Amazon promo codes, Best Buy promo codes, Newegg promo codes or Micro Center coupons.

Still on the hunt for some good deals this holiday season for your last-minute Christmas shopping? You're in the right place. If you want to get the deals while you can, now's the time to act, as prices are just going to keep rising up until the big day. Right now, the Nintendo Switch OLED model is still in stock at Amazon and Walmart, for the third day in a row! It may not arrive before Christmas, but if you still want the latest Switch model, now's the time to act. And, check out the best deals on smart projectors and screens if you're looking to create a new home theater setup. Plus, there are still deals on 4K TVs and sound bars from LG if you're looking to bump up your entertainment setup this holiday season. All that, and more, in our picks for the best daily deals happening today.

Microsoft Store has the new Xbox Series XS wireless controllers in Carbon Black, Robot White, Shock Blue, Pulse Red, and Electric Volt for only $49.99. That matches the best Xbox controller deal we saw on Black Friday. This new controller features a redesigned hybrid D-pad, textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back, and a battery life of up to 40 hours. It has a universal 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and a USB Type-C input for plug-and-play compatibility for the PC.

The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) has so far been the best value when it comes to VR gaming. It's hundreds of dollars cheaper than its competitors, it has phenomenal tracking, it doesn't need to be tethered to a PC, and it boasts a huge library of games (even Half Life: Alyx is easily playable on the Quest 2). Recently, Meta has re-released its Quest 2 VR headset with double the storage (128GB vs 64GB) for the exact same price. If you purchase directly from the Oculus Store, you can also get $10 off the Elite Strap with Battery. There's even less of a reason now to pick something else. I purchased a Rift when it first launched, played the heck out of it, and now own a Quest 2. In my opinion, and with price factored in, it's far and away the best VR headset to get into Beat Saber.

It's nice to see Amazon's latest and greatest watch, released less than 2 months ago, discounted during the holiday season. $20 isn't a massive discount, but it's the best one we'll see from Apple this year. The biggest upgrade the Series 7 has over the Series 6 is the display. It has the same always-on Retina display, but it's 20% bigger and features a more crack-resistant front crystal screen. It also adds on even more health-related features, like measuring your blood oxygen or taking an ECG. 041b061a72


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