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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

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In addition, the combination of NPM and NTA yields a selection of tools for multi-vendor networks. This includes network traffic and performance analysis, bandwidth monitoring, customizable reports, and a range of alerts and alerting options, as well as the ability to optimize the policies you apply to your networks and infrastructure.

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This tool is very important for small to large businesses. It starts at $5 /month and offers various solutions like security monitoring, network monitoring, managing logs etc. It comes with a free trial, makes use of a unique tag-based approach, tracks the performance of on-premise and cloud-based networks, enables breaking network traffic between containers, hosts, services or any other tag. It provides visibility into network traffic, traces, infrastructure, logs, and all-in-one-place by combining flow-based NPM and metric-based Network Device Monitoring.

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