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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Download APK File [All] V8.8.14.575 Final !!INSTALL!!

I searched and downloaded many apps and wasted my time in searching and downloading for the best out of them and finally found best app for music here.Thank you fore sharing best music app and its working too.

Download APK File [All] v8.8.14.575 Final

Thanks for the mod!! It s such a relief. But now im facing a problem. Sometimes the song just plays till 6 seconds then stop. Is this a bug? I installed the final version. Previously i got the same problem on the older ver so i decided to download the latest and now it s coming back. Please help

Step 2. Click on the APK file which you have downloaded from the above. You have got a Notice that says Allow from this source or not. Toggle the Allow from this source. Below Android 8.0 you have to enable the Unknown Sources from the Android Settings. 041b061a72


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