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About Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a striking art that teaches you to attack and defend with punches, kicks, elbows, knees and in the clinch.  Developed in Thailand, the effectiveness of Muay Thai has seen the sport grow around the world, and serve as the base martial art of some of the most effective fighters in the world.  


Muay Thai for Fitness

Muay Thai classes are high volume and are sure to test and improve your cardio fitness.  

Drills, bag work, conditioning, and sparring will sharpen your technique, build confidence in your skills, and push your fitness to the next level.  And, let’s be real, sometimes it just feels good to get out there and punch something.

Muay Thai for Competition

If you’re looking to test your training in competition, Muay Thai offers opportunities across the world and across disciplines.  Whether you have dreams of fighting in Thailand or are looking to add skills and sharpness to your MMA game, Muay Thai can get you there. FightX Muay Thai coaches know what it takes to compete with the best and have trained athletes to championships in both the ring and the octagon.


Muay Thai for Community

What better way to make friends than to punch each other in the face? But really, training Muay Thai together builds bonds of trust, comradery, and a shared sense of accomplishment that are hard to beat. Classes foster a spirit of working hard, giving everything you can, getting better together, and appreciating each other success. 

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