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Certina Ds Podium User Manual

Certina DS Podium User Manual

Certina DS Podium is a series of high-quality watches that are powered by self-winding chronograph movements. They are designed to be durable, accurate and suitable for sports use. They feature the DS (Double Security) concept, which provides them with enhanced shock resistance, water resistance and scratch resistance. In this article, we will explain how to use and care for your Certina DS Podium watch.

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Display and Functions

Your Certina DS Podium watch has the following display and functions:

  • Hour hand

  • Minute hand

  • Small seconds hand

  • Date display

  • Day display (depending on models)

  • Chronograph: Central 60-seconds counter hand, 30 minute counter hand, 6 hour / 12 hour counter hand (depending on models)

  • Tachometric scale (depending on models)

  • Stop/Start push button for timing/chronometer functions

  • Reset push button on counters

  • Crown with 3 positions: Winding position (not pulled out), Setting position for day/date (unscrewed*, half pulled out), Setting position for time (unscrewed*, completely pulled out)

  • Models with a screwed crown have an initial position (screwed down, not pulled out) and a winding position (unscrewed, not pulled out)

*To ensure water resistance, some models have a screwed crown that must be unscrewed before setting the time or date/day.

Usage / Settings

To use and set your Certina DS Podium watch, please follow these steps:


If you have not been wearing your watch for a long time, you need to manually wind it by turning the crown clockwise a few times, or by tilting your watch from side to side. To fully charge the power reserve of your watch, which is more than 42 hours, you need to turn the crown about 32 times clockwise. When you wear your watch, the automatic mechanism is wound by the movement of your wrist.

Setting the Time

Pull the crown out to position III; the seconds hand will stop at this point. Turn the crown forwards or backwards until the hands display the correct time. Once the hour hand passes the 12 o'clock position, you can see if it indicates midnight (the date changes at this point) or midday (the date does not change). Push the crown back to position I/IB and screw it down if necessary.

Setting the Date/Day

Pull the crown out to position II; the seconds hand will continue to run. Turn the crown clockwise to set the date and anticlockwise to set the day (depending on models). Do not set the date/day between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., as this may damage the movement. Push the crown back to position I/IB and screw it down if necessary.

Using the Chronograph

The chronograph function allows you to measure elapsed time up to 12 hours with precision. To start or stop the chronograph, press the stop/start push button. To reset the chronograph, press the reset push button. The central 60-seconds counter hand, the 30 minute counter hand and the 6 hour / 12 hour counter hand (depending on models) will return to zero.

Using the Tachometric Scale

The tachometric scale (depending on models) allows you to measure average speed over a given distance. To use it, start the chronograph when passing a starting point and stop it when passing an end point. The central 60-seconds counter hand will point to a number on the tachometric scale that indicates the average speed in kilometers per hour or miles per hour.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure that your Certina DS Podium watch operates with perfect precision for many years, please follow these care and maintenance tips:

  • Avoid direct contact with solvents, cleaning products, perfume or other cosmetic products, as they may damage the watch strap, bracelet, case or seals.

  • Avoid exposing your watch to strong magnetic fields, such as loudspeakers, magnetic locks, fridges or other electromagnetic appliances, as they may affect its accuracy. If this happens, a skilled watchmaker can demagnetize your watch.

  • Avoid exposing your watch to sudden changes in temperature, such as contact with cold water after being exposed to the hot sun, as this may damage its water resistance.

  • Keep your watch clean by using a soft toothbrush and mild soapy water to clean the stainless steel or titanium bracelet and the waterproof case. Dry your watch carefully with a soft cloth.

  • Replace the battery of your quartz watch every two to five years, depending on the model and functions. A chronograph, for example, uses more power than a three-hand watch. Only an authorized service center can replace the battery and guarantee the water resistance of your watch.

  • Have your watch regularly serviced by an authorized service center. The frequency of service depends on the model, climatic conditions and the habits of the wearer.

For more information, please refer to the [instructions for use] or the [user's manual] of your Certina DS Podium watch. You can also visit the [Certina website]( for more details and support.


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