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Garena Free Fire 1.64.1 - The Most Popular Mobile Battle Royale Game - APK Download

Garena Free Fire: A Survival Shooter Game for Mobile Devices

If you are a fan of battle royale games, you might have heard of Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular and downloaded mobile games in the world. But what is Garena Free Fire and how can you download and play it on your mobile device? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, as we explore the gameplay, features, tips, tricks, reviews, and ratings of this amazing survival shooter game.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Garena for Android and iOS devices. It was released in 2017 and has since become one of the most played and downloaded mobile games in the world, with over 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store alone.

garena free fire apk download 1.64.1 downzen

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The gameplay of Garena Free Fire

The gameplay of Garena Free Fire is similar to other battle royale games, such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. In each match, 50 players are dropped from a plane onto a large island, where they have to scavenge for weapons, items, vehicles, and resources, while fighting against other players and avoiding the shrinking safe zone. The last player or team standing wins the match.

Garena Free Fire offers various game modes, such as Classic, Ranked, Rush Hour, Clash Squad, and Custom. Each mode has its own rules, objectives, and challenges. For example, in Classic mode, players can choose between two maps: Bermuda or Purgatory. In Ranked mode, players can earn ranking points and climb up the leaderboards. In Rush Hour mode, players have to survive in a smaller area with only 20 players. In Clash Squad mode, players have to compete in 4v4 matches with different weapons and economy systems. In Custom mode, players can create their own private servers with their own settings.

The features of Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has many features that make it stand out from other battle royale games. Some of these features are:

  • Characters: Garena Free Fire has over 40 characters that players can choose from, each with their own unique appearance and skill. For example, Kelly can run faster, Moco can tag enemies on the map, Chrono can create a force field that blocks damage, etc.

  • Pets: Garena Free Fire also has over 20 pets that players can adopt and bring with them to the battlefield. Each pet has its own ability that can help the player in different ways. For example, Rockie can reduce the cooldown of the character's skill, Falco can increase the gliding speed of the player and their teammates, Ottero can recover EP when using medkits or treatment guns, etc.

  • Weapons: Garena Free Fire has a wide variety of weapons that players can find and use in the game, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, SMGs, pistols, melee weapons, grenades, etc. Each weapon has its own stats, attachments, skins, and special effects.

  • Vehicles: Garena Free Fire also has several vehicles that players can drive or ride in the game, such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, etc. Vehicles can help players move faster across the map or escape from danger or attack. However, vehicles also make noise and attract attention from other players.

  • Events: Garena Free Fire regularly hosts various events that offer players rewards, discounts, challenges, and surprises. For example, in the recent 4th anniversary event, players could enjoy a new map, a new mode, a new character, a new pet, and many other gifts and bonuses.

How to download and install Garena Free Fire 1.64.1 APK from Downzen?

If you want to play Garena Free Fire on your mobile device, you need to download and install the latest version of the game, which is 1.64.1 as of writing this article. One of the easiest and fastest ways to do that is to use Downzen, a reliable and secure website that offers free downloads of various apps and games for Android devices.

What is Downzen?

Downzen is a website that provides users with direct and fast downloads of APK files for Android apps and games. APK files are the installation files for Android applications that can be installed manually on your device without using Google Play Store. Downzen offers a large collection of APK files for different categories, such as games, social media, entertainment, productivity, etc. Downzen also provides users with detailed information, screenshots, ratings, reviews, and comments for each app and game.

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[Garena Free Fire. Best survival Battle Royale on mobile!](^2^)

The steps to download and install Garena Free Fire 1.64.1 APK from Downzen

To download and install Garena Free Fire 1.64.1 APK from Downzen, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to on your browser.

  • Search for "Garena Free Fire" in the search bar or browse the games category.

  • Select the Garena Free Fire app from the results and click on the "Download APK" button.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then locate the APK file on your device.

  • Before installing the APK file, make sure you have enabled the "Unknown sources" option in your device settings. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

  • Tap on the APK file and follow the instructions to install Garena Free Fire on your device.

  • Enjoy playing Garena Free Fire on your mobile device!

Why play Garena Free Fire on your mobile device?

Garena Free Fire is not only a fun and exciting game, but also a game that offers many benefits for mobile gamers. Here are some of the reasons why you should play Garena Free Fire on your mobile device:

The benefits of playing Garena Free Fire on your mobile device

  • Accessibility: Garena Free Fire is a game that you can play anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. You don't need a PC or a console to enjoy this game. You just need a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection and you are good to go.

  • Affordability: Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play game that does not require any subscription or purchase to play. You can download and install the game for free from Downzen or Google Play Store and start playing right away. You can also earn in-game currency and items by completing missions, events, or watching ads.

  • Variety: Garena Free Fire is a game that offers a lot of variety and diversity for players. You can choose from different game modes, maps, characters, pets, weapons, vehicles, events, etc. You can also customize your character's appearance, skills, loadout, etc. You can also play solo or with your friends in different team modes.

  • Community: Garena Free Fire is a game that has a huge and active community of players from all over the world. You can interact with other players through chat, voice chat, emotes, etc. You can also join or create guilds, clans, squads, etc. You can also participate in tournaments, leagues, live streams, etc.

The tips and tricks to improve your skills in Garena Free Fire

If you want to become a better player in Garena Free Fire, you need to practice and learn some tips and tricks that can help you survive and win more matches. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you should know:

  • Landing spot: Choosing a good landing spot is crucial in Garena Free Fire. You want to land somewhere that has enough loot, cover, and vehicles, but also not too crowded with enemies. You can use the map to see the flight path of the plane and the hotspots of the island. You can also use the parachute to glide and change your direction in the air.

  • Looting: Looting is essential in Garena Free Fire, as you need to find weapons, items, and resources to survive and fight. You should loot as fast as possible and prioritize the items that you need, such as guns, ammo, armor, medkits, etc. You should also avoid looting in open areas or near windows, as you might expose yourself to enemy fire. You should also check the loot boxes of the enemies that you kill, as they might have better loot than you.

  • Shooting: Shooting is the core skill in Garena Free Fire, as you need to aim and fire accurately and quickly to eliminate your enemies. You should practice your shooting skills in the training mode or the clash squad mode, where you can try different weapons and attachments. You should also adjust your sensitivity settings and use the gyroscope feature to improve your aiming. You should also use the right weapon for the right situation, such as using a sniper rifle for long-range shots, a shotgun for close-range shots, etc.

  • Movement: Movement is another important skill in Garena Free Fire, as you need to move smartly and strategically to avoid danger and gain advantage. You should use the cover system to hide behind walls, trees, rocks, etc. You should also use the crouch and prone buttons to reduce your visibility and noise. You should also use the sprint and jump buttons to move faster and dodge bullets. You should also use vehicles to travel across the map or escape from enemies.

  • Strategy: Strategy is the final skill in Garena Free Fire, as you need to plan and execute your actions wisely and tactically. You should use the map and the mini-map to see the location of the safe zone, the enemies, the airdrops, etc. You should also use the ping system and the voice chat to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your moves. You should also use your character's skill and your pet's ability to enhance your performance. You should also use grenades, traps, mines, etc. to create diversions or damage your enemies.

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