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The Jumbo Book Of Math Practice Pages: 300 Repr... !!TOP!!

It can be challenging to keep up with all of the skills your kids need to practice for each specific grade in school, which is why utilizing the right workbooks makes all the difference. The Weekly Reader: Summer Express Workbook series is designed to be a grab-and-go resource filled with daily literacy and math practice for a wide range of ages and grades.

The Jumbo Book of Math Practice Pages: 300 Repr...

Another great option is the Reading & Math Jumbo Workbook series, which is available for grades Pre-K through 4. In these workbooks, your little one will practice skills needed to excel in the school year ahead, such as phonics, handwriting and cursive, spelling, numbers, and shapes.

Help your young students learn foundational reading skills with the Scholastic Sight Words Jumbo Workbook. Students will learn to recognize the top 100 sight words through 300 fun practice pages that feature exercises, activities, puzzles, and games. Stickers and reward certificate included. 320 pages, paperback. Ages 5-7 / Grades K-2.

Unlock the key to reading success with this fun, engaging jumbo activity book! With more than 300 delightfully fun practice pages targeting the top 100 sight words, children have ample practice to master the high-frequency words they're most likely to encounter in their reading. A fun mix of activities, puzzles, and games keeps learning fun and stickers and a completion certificate are a reward for a job well done.

Scholastic is a trusted name in educational products that can be relied upon to provide learners with engaging activities. It's important for early learners to receive an excellent education early on through the use of engaging activities. This jumbo workbook by Scholastic includes practice in important 2nd-grade learning areas such as reading, math, and science. This workbook contains more than 200 reproducible worksheets for students to complete. This workbook has been designed to help students in relevant subject areas to allow students to be the most successful in school.

This workbook provides a detailed weekly plan that is easy for a teacher or parent to follow. This workbook would provide an excellent learning program for the homeschooler to follow or for teachers to use to provide some differentiated instruction within the classroom. This workbook provides students with independent practice across all general subject areas including reading, math, and creative writing.

Reading, writing, and math are all skills needed for learners to be successful in 2nd grade. Highlights is a trusted educational brand that has been helping kids to succeed for many years. This workbook incorporates the fun puzzles that Highlights has always delivered with fun learning activities that help learners build skills in a variety of areas.

If you are looking for a way to help 2nd-grade learners get a little extra practice, Gold Stars Series provides students with over 220 activities that will help students to develop skills in all subject areas. The colorful, fun, engaging workbook brings self-guided learning to life covering developmentally appropriate subjects, like spelling, reading, English, solving math problems, and more.

When you want to ensure that the summer slide doesn't happen, Brain Quest provides the perfect tool to ensure that no learning is lost. This fun, interactive workbook will provide students with many engaging activities. This workbook is packed with 150 pages of fun activities based on reading comprehension, grammar skills, math computation, and word problems as well as science and social science skills. Learners and parents alike appreciate the easy progress tracking included.

This workbook features many characters that are familiar to little learners. This 256 pages workbook covers skills in reading, math, writing activities, and many more. The engaging, confidence-building "I can" statements at the beginning of each lesson will help to guide your child. With your child's favorite characters as their guide, they will be successful with this easy to follow engaging format that promotes independent learning.

If learners are struggling in school, it is often due to a lack of basic skills. This workbook by Thinking Kids helps to develop and enhance those basic skills with pages of friendly illustrations. The 544 pages could easily provide extra practice at home or be used to enhance classroom materials. The clear learning goals provide learners with a program that centers around the core skills of reading and math.

Step Ahead workbooks provide teacher-approved lessons to your home. These math lessons have been created by teachers to provide interactive and fun pages to build on skills learned in the classroom. Students will build on math skills such as addition and subtraction, time, and fractions. This workbook is perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders to enhance what is being learned in the classroom.

ArgoPrep workbooks provide learners with skill pages that meet the high standards of teachers and homeschooler parents alike. This 2nd Grade Common Core Math practice workbook provides learners with math skills needed to be successful on state exams. Since this workbook is labeled with Common Core State Standards, parents and teachers can use this as a guide when helping students through math deficiencies as well as celebrating their successes.

From the makers of Brain Quest, this workbook merges math with the kid-favorite world of Star Wars. There are 96 fun-filled pages that reinforce key math skills such as addition, subtraction, fractions, word problems, and more. This fun presentation using many favorite Star Wars characters provides a rigorous educational experience and effective learning techniques.

Scholastic provides learning materials that parents and teachers have trusted for many years. This workbook provides teachers with 40 ready-to-copy practice pages with easy-to-follow directions. These fun-filled pages will motivate students to work independently while building on necessary reading skills to be successful learners.

This workbook will greatly improve your little learners' reading comprehension skills using simple and engaging activities. Learners will engage in lessons that include fun stories, matching, crossword puzzles, and much more that start off slow and increase in difficulty. This reading workbook includes 120 educational learning activities that will set your learner up to be a lifetime learner. The perfect workbook for at-home practice or extra practice in the classroom.

Teacher Created Resources provides the perfect practice for learners because it was created by teachers. This resource is great for parents and teachers alike to give learners a little extra boost in reading comprehension. This workbook provides grade-appropriate passages with multiple-choice questions for each passage. The passages and questions get progressively more advanced as learners progress through the workbook.

180 Days of Writing not only offers students opportunities to practice different types of writing but there are also opportunities to strengthen language and grammar skills. This workbook offers daily practice on a variety of writing skills. This book is perfect for a parent or teacher as it offers assessment tools and data analysis tools to help learners develop into writers.

Scholastic Success with Writing offers skill-building writing techniques. The workbook offers 40 ready-to-reproduce pages that give learners plenty of opportunities to enhance their writing skills. Since these activities are correlated with the state standards, this workbook can be used by teachers and students alike to provide important writing practice to be successful on state tests.

The 180 Days of Science workbook provides a perfect homeschooling tool to supplement the school curriculum. This workbook offers daily reinforcement in science skills to keep students engaged throughout the year. It offers a purposeful practice that will engage 2nd-grade students throughout the school year. Great for homeschooling or learning in classrooms, these workbooks build on students' understanding of important science concepts and explore everything from earth science, life science, space science, and physical science. Each week, within the workbook, there is a new topic based on three science 2nd-grade strands: life science, physical science, and Earth and space science.

Parent and teacher-approved ArgoPrep 2nd-grade social studies workbook is an excellent tool to build foundational social studies skills and review important concepts. This workbook offers 20 weeks of practice covering many social studies skills including History, Civics and Government, and Economics.

Flash Kids Cursive Writing Practice book focuses on teaching kids the mechanics of cursive writing. There are over 100 pages filled with fascinating animals facts and illustrations. Students gain animal knowledge through practicing handwriting skills. This is a great workbook for students to use independently to practice letters, words, and sentences.

Kumon Cursive Writing book is useful for those learners who already have some knowledge in forming letters in cursive. This workbook will help learners to practice their cursive writing by starting out with words and moving towards writing short sentences. This workbook helps students move beyond just writing letters to form sentences. 041b061a72


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