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Episode 9: Truth And Advertising \/\/FREE\\\\

"Truth and Advertising" is the ninth episode of the nineteenth season and the 266th overall episode of the animated television series South Park, written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. It is the second part of a three-episode story arc which began with the previous episode "Sponsored Content" and concludes with the following episode "PC Principal Final Justice" that together serve as the season finale. It premiered on Comedy Central on December 2, 2015. Like the previous episode, this episode continues to parody the abundance of online advertising while continuing its season-long lampoon of political correctness.

Episode 9: Truth and Advertising

Mr. Garrison, Caitlyn Jenner and Principal Victoria arrive at the Whole Foods Market with disguises on and Mr. Garrison is shocked about the state of his town. Back at the news base, Jimmy's attempts to interrogate Leslie fail, leaving him to start accepting her, with the head newsman convinced that he is now "thinking with his dick". At Cartman's house, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters search through news articles trying to solve the case, but end up at various stores after getting distracted by pop-up ads. This leads to some tension between Kyle and Stan who strongly believe the other is causing the distraction on purpose to avoid finding out the truth. Randy is ambushed by Garrison, Jenner and Victoria, who then knock him out after they discover a 'PC' tattoo on his Boozy. Back at the base, Leslie tells Jimmy that Principal is the enemy and then places a pop-up ad on the newsmen's monitor so they can not see them. While isolated from the newsmen, Leslie asks Jimmy to help her escape; this sequence references the 2014 artificial intelligence thriller Ex Machina.

The episode starts in the 4th grade classroom with Cartman throwing Kyle's pen across the room because he is "bored". Mr. Mackey then calls Kyle to the office, much to Kyle's anger. Mr. Mackey then tells Kyle that PC Principal has finally lost it, and that he and the PC Bros have started a hunger strike. Mr. Mackey then says that PC Principal had problems with Leslie Meyers and Jimmy Valmer and now they are missing, and warns Kyle that if "you go against PC, you go missing too".

At the PC Delta, the four find the house to be empty. While looking through the computer, the four find out that PC Principal was looking into the ad situations, and that he may be trying to help. Ads appear on the screen, and they get distracted and end up at a shoe store just like the boys. The episode ends with Leslie showing up at Kyle's door asking for his help, and social security number. Kyle tells her, and the two run off.

IGN gave "Truth and Advertising" a "7.2" rating saying: "As the penultimate episode of Season 19, "Truth and Advertising" was a little sluggish, especially in terms of the main plot. While Jimmy and Leslie's storyline made some headway on that front, the boys came up empty-handed in their investigation -- although their sudden transitions to consumerist hotspots were really funny. Meanwhile, Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison relayed a few key bits of info about the PC/ad/gentrification conspiracy, but we still don't know how they all tie together. Luckily, most of the bits here were strong, and it looks like Kyle will soon learn the truth from Leslie in the next episode. Hopefully, the finale will be able to give the season a proper sendoff."[3]

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Watching Sara and Emily undercover at the strip club was one of the best parts of the episode. We love their friendship and teamwork; these scenes added much-needed humor to an otherwise serious episode.

However, "alone" is exactly what alien tracker Peter Bach (Lost's Terry O'Quinn) feels. He is a speaker at the con and another human whose help Harry needs. Well, actually, he just needs the alien tech implanted in Peter, who is the older version of the husband we meet in the episode's riveting (and terrifying) opening scene: Peter's pregnant wife goes into labor aboard a city bus while it is in the middle of alien abduction, only for the aliens to take their child.

By the end of Season 1's penultimate episode, Harry's true identity is getting harder and harder for him to hide, as the walls close in. This time, there may be no humans left that he can turn to for help.

This episode was boring. I think the series would have been better with maybe only 8 episodes. My biggest complaint is no one behaves as a real person would and thus makes the show unbelievable and the story forced.

There Might be BloodSeason 2, Episode 9Air dateNovember 3, 2008Written byEtan Frankel & John StephensDirected byMichael FieldsEpisode GuidePreviousNextPret-a-Poor-JBonfire of the VanityThere Might Be Blood is the 9th episode of the second season and the 27th overall.

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In this episode, ABC News shares new information that shows federal investigators knew much earlier than had been previously reported about allegations against Epstein -- this time, surrounding a 14-year-old girl in New York.

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