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Leonardo Watson
Leonardo Watson

Buy African Violets Online Australia

Thanks for sharing Kevin. I have always loved my african violets and had extra wide window sills built into my east and southeast windows, just for them. Last week was plant dividing time and really enjoyed potting up new little pups. Ran out of room this year so not making any new plants from leaves. You are so right on using slightly warm water for the lovely plants they show their appreciation! I also use a fluffy makeup brush to clean up the leaves after potting and montly just to give them alittle dusting. Always enjoy seeing your plants, I am green and violet with envy.

buy african violets online australia

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Kevin, My violets do reasonably well under the fluorescent lights. When I bought new plants online, the first time they bloomed they looked just like their pics. The subsequent blooms were no longer bi-color. Each of the blooms had lost the white component. Is there something I can do to correct this ? Bill

my grandmother always had a table near to her chair in the living room with african violets. it was next to a big picture window and she sat in a huge throne like chair, with a cushion of course. wearing a sweater and watching out the window. I could go on and on. those flowers brought back a vivid memory. love your flowers. thanks kevin

I too placed a violet leaf in african violet soil and now have 4 or 5 new plants. I am not sure how to separate them. Is there some book with info on violets that would tell me how to do this and maintain them. I will try your eggshell water.Thank you

In this tutorial, I will share everything you need to know when it comes to propagating African violets in water. Not only will you be able to add to your collection but you can also buy leaves online of special varieties or trade leaves with a fellow plant lover.

As a former online seller of African violets, these are my best tips on how to grow African violets in water. After lots of experimenting, this process has worked for me time and time again without fail. Follow these easy steps and you will have blooming young adult African violets before you know it! 041b061a72


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