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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

NEW! Download 430K Zip

Original archive (, 425k) - The main download file above (DOSBOX_XMASCREEP.ZIP) is pre-configured to work DOSBox. This file,, is the original and may require installation / setup.

Download 430K zip

The following supporting information can be downloaded at: , Figure S1: Histograms and the distribution of: (A), onset-to-diagnosis (for cases with known contact); (B), onset-to-diagnosis (for cases without known contact); (C), onset-to-death (for cases with underlying conditions); and (D), onset-to-death (for cases without underlying conditions); Figure S2. Cumulative histograms and the cumulative distribution of: (A), onset-to-diagnosis; (B), onset-to-report; (C), onset-to-death; (D), reporting-to-death; (E), serial intervals in Period 1; and (F), serial intervals in Period 2; Table S1: probability density functions with the analytical formula for mean and variance.

This is the master download page. On this page, you'll find nothing more than a list of all the files and programs that are downloadable off our web site on one page, as opposed to going to all the various pages around our site to find the files you're looking for. The downloads on this page are grouped by game, and the games are listed alphabetically. Miscellaneous downloads are listed at the bottom of the page.

USER PATCH AVAILABLE: Wildfire has ceased updating Balls of Steel. However, there is a user patch available which fixes several of the problems that the last official version (1.3) had developed. You can download this patch now, but it requires you already have the official 1.3 patch applied before use. Please keep in mind this is not an official patch from Apogee/Pinball Wizards or Wildfire. This is a third party user patch. Having said that, the patch does appear to work correctly - we cannot guarantee what will happen on your machine, though. Click here to see a list of fixes for this user patch. Click here to download the patch.

NOTE: This title has been discontinued - the registered version is available as freeware, and has been rewritten for Windows. But Apogee/3D Realms is not distributing it. Please again be aware that if you download that version, you are NOT downloading it from us. If you are interested in that version, you can get info about it here.

Where can I just get the dam zip file. I'll put it in. Daz site says manual download, but the link goes to the dim installer. Have downloaded 6-8 times and ALWAYS it unzips and installs these files. that Blender wont use. Just want the ZIP.. can anyone send just that part ???

just deeleted all files having to do with anything DAZ. Gone thru regestry and deleted all files having to do with DAZ. Gonna try to load with that new downloader. Already a problem I can't find button and install all files. So gotta click install for over 1200 items. :(

Unfortunately I cannot upload the individual .g2pt files and Galileo cannot import zip files directly so you'll have to extract the zip first and open file by file in Galileo 2.Make sure you re-download the file above, now it's a "real" zip file. 041b061a72


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