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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Leonardo Watson
Leonardo Watson

Blackmagic Media Express Download Mac |LINK|

but that left me with the newest (again 10.11.4) version of the blackmagic desktop video software and also (only because I preemptively copied it onto my desktop ) a working version of the media express software

Blackmagic Media Express Download Mac


so far in my short time with it this morning it seems like as long as I have the video input set correctly (via the blackmagic desktop video panel) and media express software preferences set to the same resolution of the video coming in then it shows up and captures perfectly

I have a problem; event though the Ultra Studio mini recorder is recognized, and the image can be seen via the media express software, it is not seen via the live capture settings in Isadora (3.0.7).I am on a 2019 mac book pro under Catalina and the 11.7 desktop video there a reason why I cannot get the image anymore? It was working fine until now with the 10.5 version. It has suddenly stopped working.Is the driver ok? is there a problem with the video in watcher in Isadora? Etc?Thank you very much in advance for any possible help.Jean-Marc Matos


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