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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Care should start with confidential, nondirective counseling on all reproductive options, so women fully understand what to expect, can freely decide whether to have the abortion and can be secure about that decision. And as with all medical procedures, abortion patients benefit from counseling about follow-up care, especially to ensure that women know what action to take should complications arise. For the very small group of women who do experience complications, WHO guidelines detail recommended treatments.

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Bhugra (6) notes that componentsof cultural identity include religion, rites of passage, language, dietaryhabits and leisure activities. Religious rituals and beliefs, even if notfollowed as an adult, make up a key component of an individual's culturalidentity. Religion can preserve values within the community and foster a senseof belonging. Rites of passage are important in the development of an individual'scultural identity; following these rites or rituals is bound to influencethe degree to which an individual will be accepted within the cultural group.Language, both written and spoken, is a cultural marker. Bhugra (7) writes of the importance of linguistic competence and economicstability as determinant factors prompting individuals to eventually leavetheir non-dominant cultural group, which typically is geographically bound,and venture into the dominant culture. Attitudes to food and food preparation,including religiously driven taboos and the symbolism of food, are a componentof cultural identity that can…


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