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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Strawberry Down The Rabbit Hole

Over 50,000 happy tea party guests have taken a trip down the rabbit hole at this traveling Alice in Wonderland-inspired affair in New York, Los Angeles and London, having won rave reviews!

strawberry down the rabbit hole

He suggested I could go to the store and get some. This to a logical non-evil-screaming-Caps-Locking version of myself would seem like a simple suggestion. I, however, was already too far down the rabbit hole of disturbed emotional upheaval (crying over salsa, people. Salsa!). As you can guess the response to his suggestion was tinged with a hint of drama. My fingers flew across the keyboard typing with all honesty, a sentence to this effect:

Many will surely find the metaphysical derring-do and aggressive weirdness of Strawberry Mansion too much of an ask, but for those prepared to dive down its nutso rabbit-hole, it offers a divertingly free-wheeling vision.

On Saturday, December 31st, celebrate the New Year in Downtown Harrisburg with a strawberry drop, fireworks, kids activities and more! The event kicks off at 9pm with a Countdown to Kid-Night event at City Hall featuring a balloon drop, milk & cookies toast, craft, kids dance party, and more. Leading up to midnight we will do the annual strawberry drop at the Hilton followed by fireworks to welcome the New Year.

JUST about everything that might be expected, or unexpected, on a zany afternoon tea table is here: a snail that shares a plate with a slice of Swiss roll; a fish on a plate of cupcakes and other colorful sugary dainties; a green doll's shoe and a tiny bowler hat on the edge of a plate holding a chocolate-chip cookie; a slice of fruitcake; a meringue; and a jam tart. A frog squats beady-eyed next to a slice of raspberry sponge coated with baby-pink icing, and on the same plate, a fob watch - almost certainly mislaid by the white rabbit - lies there pretending to be edible. A banana, two glac'e cherries, and a tangerine turn yet another plate into a smiling face. And one plate has nothing on it but a single, lone strawberry. Anthony Browne - a very recent addition to the extraordinarily long line of artists who have illustrated ``Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' since its publication in 1865 (when its first illustrator was John Tenniel) - must have decided that here was an opportunity for a great deal of fun depicting all the little delectables from chocolate eclairs to coconut cones that belong on a children's party table.

The dream Alice then tumbles into (literally, down a rabbit-hole) is marvelously full of conversations and pictures. They are word pictures. But the book also has to have illustrations. Carroll himself immediately recognized this, making its very earliest pictures himself for the version he wrote out in neat longhand for Alice Liddell, the real child to whom the story was first told.


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