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But Drysol may not be your only option. There are other prescription-strength antiperspirants available at drug stores, some of which are also deodorants. People who want to try OTC antiperspirants should look for products that contain 10% to 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate to control excessive sweating.

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Try some of these popular prescription strength and clinical strength antiperspirants before resorting to prescription-only. Many of these products can be purchased online via Amazon or at your local drug store.

In addition to the $1.6 billion I can spend on in-store promotions (including discounts, coupons, and slotting fees), I have another $1.4 billion to spend on marketing campaigns across all other channels (with a minor share going to online sales). But now I notice the number of consumers buying online (including from our retail partners, third parties such as or Amazon sellers, and directly from us) has been growing dramatically. In the latest quarter, online channels make up 10% of our business.

Most over-the-counter antiperspirants are not strong enough to do the job. The best topical product, Drysol, is available by prescription. It may be somewhat irritating and sometimes takes a while to get used to it. Drysol is applied at bedtime to completely dry skin and washed off in the morning shower. Do not use a regular deodorant afterwards. Repeat the treatment nightly until the sweating is under control. If it does not work after one or two weeks, begin covering the affected area with a square of "saran wrap" overnight. After it begins to work, use once or twice weekly to maintain the effect, and use a regular deodorant on the other days. The medication is less effective on the thick skin of the palms and soles.

Looking for sweat management tools that don't include a visit to the doc? Check out our Fan Fave page and shop for clothes, lotions, and innovative products that are community favorites for battling unwanted wetness. Order them online, use our secret discount code, and get them shipped right to you. Most of these products were invented by people with excessive sweating that are just like you--tired of failed solutions. Give them a try and let's support each other!

NIVEA Pearl & Beauty anti-perspirant deodorant with precious pearl extracts evens out your skin tone and offers you velvety smooth and beautiful underarms. The deodorant combines 48 hours reliable protection against sweat and body odour with care for your underarm skin.

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