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[Album]RSP - DICE.rar Mega

[Album]RSP - DICE.rar Mega - Download and Review

If you are a fan of Japanese hip-hop and R&B, you might have heard of RSP, a duo consisting of vocalist Saki and rapper ILL-BOSSTINO. They debuted in 2006 and have released several albums and singles, including collaborations with artists like KREVA, SEAMO, and AI. Their latest album, DICE, was released in 2020 and features 12 tracks of catchy beats, smooth vocals, and witty lyrics. In this article, we will review the album and show you how to download it from Mega.

Album Review

DICE is the sixth studio album by RSP and the first one since their hiatus in 2016. The album showcases their versatility and maturity as artists, as they explore different genres and themes. The album opens with "Dice", a funky and upbeat track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is about taking risks and enjoying life, as they rap "Life is like a dice game / You never know what's next / Just roll it and go with the flow". The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along, as Saki sings "Dice dice dice / Let's roll the dice / Dice dice dice / Let's have some fun".

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The next track is "Motto", a collaboration with KREVA, one of the most influential rappers in Japan. The song is a motivational anthem that encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and goals, as they rap "Motto motto motto / Don't stop don't stop / Motto motto motto / Keep on keep on". The song has a powerful beat and a catchy hook, as well as impressive verses from both RSP and KREVA.

Another highlight of the album is "Kimi no Koe", a ballad that showcases Saki's beautiful voice and ILL-BOSSTINO's emotional rap. The song is about missing someone's voice and wanting to hear it again, as they sing "Kimi no koe kimi no koe / I miss your voice I miss your voice / Kimi no koe kimi no koe / I want to hear it I want to hear it". The song has a piano-driven melody and a soothing atmosphere, as well as a rap bridge that adds some contrast and depth.

The album also features some upbeat and danceable tracks, such as "Party Up", "Shake It", and "Rock With You". These songs are perfect for clubs and parties, as they have catchy hooks, energetic beats, and fun lyrics. RSP also experiments with some reggae influences on "One Love", a collaboration with AI, one of the most popular R&B singers in Japan. The song is about spreading love and peace, as they sing "One love one love / We are one we are one / One love one love / Let's make a better world". The song has a tropical vibe and a positive message, as well as a rap verse from AI that adds some flavor.

The album closes with "Arigatou", a thank-you song to their fans and supporters. The song is a heartfelt expression of gratitude, as they sing "Arigatou arigatou / Thank you thank you / Arigatou arigatou / For everything you do". The song has a simple acoustic guitar melody and a warm atmosphere, as well as a rap verse from ILL-BOSSTINO that reflects on their journey as artists.

Download Link

If you want to download the album [Album]RSP - DICE.rar Mega, you can use the link below. The link will take you to a Mega page where you can download the album in a zip file. The file size is 88 MB and the quality is 320 kbps. You will need to have a Mega account or create one for free to access the download. You will also need to have a program that can extract zip files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Download link: [Click here]


[Album]RSP - DICE.rar Mega is a great album for fans of Japanese hip-hop and R&B, as well as for anyone who enjoys catchy music with meaningful lyrics. The album showcases RSP's talent and diversity as artists, as they deliver 12 tracks of different genres and themes. The album is also easy to download from Mega, as you only need a link, an account, and a zip extractor. If you are looking for a new album to listen to, you should definitely check out [Album]RSP - DICE.rar Mega.


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