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Leonardo Watson


"I love it! About a month before I ordered your foundation I bought an big brand foundation from a beauty retailer. Because of the new restrictions, I couldn't test it. We held the bottle up to my face and it looked like it was a match. But then when I got home it wasn't. When I put the LAMIK foundation on, you can't tell that I have on foundation."



This is a cliche, but beauty is often in the eyes of the beholder. What is deemed attractive to one person may not be so for another. However, a conventional and symmetric face is generally considered appealing. Also, people are often drawn to what is familiar. For example, people who grew up in the same neighborhood are commonly attracted to each other.

Instead of focussing on attractiveness and beauty, it may be more worthwhile to pay attention to identity-shaping qualities that offer a depth of character. These things can be developed: intelligence, creativity, courage, athleticism, imagination, critical thinking, empathy. Attention to these characteristics can help girls and young women feel good about themselves and will have a more profound effect than just being pretty.

The limbal ring is the circle around the iris, this line separates the colored part of the eye from the white part. This ring fades as we age. Therefore, prominence of the ring signifies youth, health, and beauty.

But beauty is not just a visual experience; it is a characteristic that provides a perceptual experience to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty, or the moral sense. It is the qualities that give pleasure, meaning or satisfaction to the senses, but in this talk I wish to concentrate on the eye, the intellect and the moral sense.

The other skin condition particularly associated with social stigma is acne to which many of today's intended audience can relate, and which may lead to depression. The severity of acne can determine participation or rather lack of it in daily social activities, and adds to all the other pressures of adolescence. Individuals growing up in western society learn to believe that attributes such as clear skin, strong nails and clean hair are what are needed if one is to achieve that elusive quality of beauty. Therefore, if one lacks these features, because of a skin disorder then one is no longer seen as attractive or beautiful.

The first of these is washing and the associated beauty/cosmetic business and the use of water. In 1961 water used per head for bathing was 11 l/day, rising to 51 litres in 1997. For 2008 around 80 litres per day is necessary. This is out of a total daily usage in England of 145-150 litres per person, per day. UK sales of bubble baths have risen from 76 million in 1981 to 173 million in 2001. Total UK sales in 2006 were 4 billion for personal wash products. With all the skin washing we are seeing an increase in the amount of dry skin and eczema, especially in the vulnerable skin of the young and the old, who then need to apply moisturisers. There are so many complaints of reactions to topicals that manufacturers seem to list more of what is not present than is.

The second major activity, that was pre-eminent in the last century as an aid to beauty, was that of acquiring a suntan. People went on holiday to get a tan, and if you came back pale it had been a failure; and what has been the result? Let us look at the pin-up girl to a certain generation - Brigitte Bardot. If one compares pictures of her in her prime in the late 1960's to those, even in the early 1990's, one can see enormous changes in terms of wrinkling and elasticity, showing the effects principally of the sun. If symmetry and balance are beauty look how easy it is to destabilise just by attaining a tan.

In 2007 there were 291 malignant melanomas reported in the Belfast trust (Dr Maureen Walsh, personal communication) with a further 1797 benign naevi, which at a figure of 8 to 1 benign to malignant gives us a much better figure than elsewhere, but raises a question are we not removing enough? And that does not include other pigmented lesions. Our figures suggest that we see three patients for every one who has a procedure. For the trust that means about 5,400 cases a year have to be red flagged, that is seen within two weeks of referral for query malignant melanoma, or changing mole, and does not include other red flag items. If all this work is the result of recent efforts to achieve a desired appearance what does the future hold for my successors from some of the present techniques that the public willingly undergoes seeking beauty, and delaying aging?

Having mentioned the beauty that lies in symmetry and balance, we can see this even when we look at skin cancer. A basal cell carcinoma relatively banal, in this type is balanced and symmetrical. Benign moles again are symmetrical and balanced, but when malignant, asymmetrical and unbalanced. There is no beauty. This is the price of achieving beauty.

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What matters in beauty is perception. Perception is how you and other people see you, and this perception is almost always biased. Still, healthy people look more attractive despite their age and nationality. 041b061a72


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