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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Championship Manager 01 02

To complicate matters there are injuries, transfers, money matters, player contracts, demanding chairmen, demanding fans, demanding players and their evil agents, the media poking their noses in, the FA and of course other managers, like Sir Alex, tapping up your best players. If you need to know any more about the nuts and bolts, we'd suggest you check out the review of CM 00/01 (or even the original Championship Manager 3 release) - after all, this is essentially the same game with a few add-ons.

That brings me on to the first main modification - manager power. Fed up of chairmen giving you the brush-off? "There's no money available," they used to say. "You run the team and we'll sort out the cash," they patronisingly offered. Well, now you can deliver a "back me or sack me" ultimatum. And in an eerie echo of the George Graham sacking, I demanded Spurs to put their short arms into their deep pockets to fund our Inter Toto campaign - and was dumped on the spot. Thankfully, I was rescued from the jobseekers queue by a plum job at Chesterfield.

championship manager 01 02

The optional attribute-masking mode is a great addition, which sometimes prevents you getting a full run-down of a player's abilities. You might know if he's a good header of the ball, but his determination, work-rate and stamina will be a mystery, until your scouts have had a good look at him. The football world is packed with examples of players who were not scouted properly and came a cropper - remember Savo Milosevic of who Aston Villa manager had only seen a compilation video of him in action. And there was the embarrassing matter of the new 'George Weah' picked by Graham Souness at Southampton who had to be pulled off after five minutes because he quite clearly hadn't a clue. The same applies now - scout the players first, then buy.

Comparing two players side-by-side on screen to see who's best is also possible now. Some might find this useful, but after a few comparisons, we didn't really bother with it and would not miss it. Likewise the new memo system, which allows managers to put reminders on a players file, such as to renew a contract or look at a transfer prospect. The only modification we have yet to come across in our first three seasons is to send a player away for surgery on recurring injuries. Despite having a sicknote Anderton in and out of my team, my physio never once suggested he go away for this miracle cure.

David Beckham left Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2003 in real life, but in the game, he stayed at Old Trafford until 2009, at which point he signed for Notts County of the Championship. After a two-year spell, he became manager of Wigan at the age of 36. Two months into the job and he has an unbeaten record of four wins and two draws.

Well, there we have it. In an alternative universe, Michael Owen ended up partnering Cherno Samba at Arsenal, Cristiano Ronaldo played for Newcastle and Sunderland, and Russ Wilcox (Head of Recruitment at Doncaster in real life) became England manager.

Not much can be said about Tonton as I failed to find much information. After failing to make a single appearence for Derby he spent his career in lower leagues of Sweden and Finland. According to Wikipedia he is now the manager of a club called Kongo United FC.

I have downloaded/installed mono & gecko. Now the game starts up but when I click anything on the start screen the screen flashes to black with just championship manager in text in the top right hand corner in a blue box.

At the bottom, Newcastle are 4 points from safety, and only 10 points separate them from all the way up to 11th place. Southampton hold the record of having the most defeats, hence the public backing of manager Ralph Hasenhuttl. Nothing is defined as the league heads into one of its busiest periods; anything can happen. See you next time.

Football Manager, and its predecessor Championship Manager, has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. My first encounter with it was as a nine year old when my dad introduced me to CM01/02 as he allowed me to take over a save he had with Celtic somewhere in the mid-2020s. I had many different managerial careers on this, preferring to take over the big clubs with lots of money. This was my go-to game for the next few years before being bought CM5.

I have played literally thoushands of hours on this game. It is the best ever manager game. This includes probably betweeen 15-30 games, so I know what I'm talking about. Here's who yuo should by early, but be advised their greatness varies each time you start a game:-

Click on the arrow which allows you to browse then click on championship manager directory and one of the folders in the list will be "data" open that, inside there is a file called "index" open that and that will open your database.

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