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The Last Ofus E5 -

Two years into their research, they ran into volunteers with BentProp, a nonprofit group dedicated to finding and returning remains of U.S. World War II servicemen listed as missing in action. The group, led by Patrick Scanlon, has been combing historic records in search of missing aircraft information for the last 20 years.

The last ofus e5 -

Replying to @The_Hak86I didn't see it. But last night, two large burlap sacks were carried in. I thought, "Oh dear, more pasta?"but maybe the contents of those bags were missing persons...(May 31st, 20:58)

Better at keeping record than that Sunaiku group, at least. Those guys wrote on their website that Iris is still a high school student, even though she made her idol debut 3 years ago during her last year in high school. ?(Jun 1st, 0:48)

There's another box inside the last one, but it's smaller. There has to be a limit, right? Will you all help me with the final questions? Or if I'm stuck here forever at least help me move my stuff...(Jun 8th, 19:06)

But you don't typically see the struggles and hard work behind someone else's wins! We all struggle. And success never comes easy. We just don't typically blast our hardships on Instagram. Which means that you're often comparing yourself to an incomplete picture.

Generally, you want a PSU that is sufficient to accommodate all your future GPUs. GPUs typically get more energy efficient over time; so while other components will need to be replaced, a PSU should last a long while so a good PSU is a good investment.

Agreed. There are some efforts to do this, but it is a delicate issue because PyTorchs code-base was an older code-base which was built upon. I hope soon they can figure out the last issues and then I would be happy to recommend AMD cards as well.

Overclocking does not increase deep learning performance by much, but it helps to squeeze the last bit of performance out of the GPU. I think you can expect something between 0-3% performance increase from that. Might sound like not much, but put into numbers, this means that if your GPU runs 24/7 this can be up to 40 minutes per day extra compute time.

For example, I just last week sold my used computer, which is similar, or even better than these options for 800 pounds on gumtree. So a smart choice might be to buy a used computer and upgrade it with some parts. For genetics research I would try to find a cheap computer which support 8 RAM slots and than buy 64 GB RAM for the machine and upgrade to 128 GB of RAM if your research requires this. Speed of the RAM is overvalued; a plain DDR3 RAM setup is sufficient and cheap. For some deep learning algorithms or algorithms in computational biology a single GPU should be sufficient but choose one that has a lot of RAM; a 12GB is ideal and I would go for a used GTX Titan X for 400-500 pounds on eBay (make sure your computer has a PSU which at least support 600 watts).

So one will get improved performance from such a system. However, for bigger systems it is common to pool the data on the CPU to perform more complicated, tree-like broadcasts through the network. I do not think such broadcasts are currently implemented for GPU memory (this feature might have been added since the last time I checked, which was more than a year ago). I think such a motherboard with the 64 GPU lanes would be optimal in a 4 GPU setup. For a multi-node setup it might still be helpful, but probably too expensive to justify the costs, and for big systems reliability is often more important than squeezing out the last bits of performance.

Note that using a Ubuntu VM can cause some problems with GPU support. The last time I checked it was hardly possible to get GPU acceleration running through a VM, but things might have changed since then. So I urge you to check if this is possible first before you go along this route.

Definitely go for the GTX 10 series GPUs for your laptop since these are very similar to full desktop GPUs. They are probably more expensive though. Another option would be to buy a cheap, light laptop with long-battery duration and a separate desktop to which your connect remotely to run your deep learning work. The last option is what I use and I am quite fond of it.

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