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Hottest Gays Community!

Islands like Mykonos and Lesbos have long been top gay destinations for some fun in the sun among gays and lesbians. But gay travelers no longer have to escape to island paradises to have a gay old time. Cities are now the favorite places to go, with so many of them having predominantly gay neighborhoods offering urban pleasures, gay hotels and nightlife, all profiting from "pink money." These are the ten gayest of them all, where you can find rainbow flags flying high:

Hottest gays community!

The Big Apple is the birthplace of gay life and of the gay pride movement. It's the home of Stonewall which led to all of the gay pride events around the world, and most of Manhattan (and now even parts of Brooklyn) is one giant gayborhood. From Greenwich Village to Chelsea, with their Christopher Street and 8th Avenue having gays heading down to the multitude of gay bars, clubs, and shops at any time of the day. See the New York City Guide

It's now one of the world's top gay destinations and not just because of the city itself but also because of the neighboring beaches. In addition to a vibrant cosmopolitan life, the city is an attractive mix of gay and straight, and has some of Europe's best nightlife and restaurants. In fact, it was the gay community and gay travelers that largely contributed to Barcelona becoming such a trendy place, even in winter when the beaches are no longer the main attraction. See the Barcelona City Guide

Europe's largest gay and lesbian community lives in the British capital. Its Gay Pride event is therefore one of the world's largest, but the thousands of gay visitors also contribute to the fun. The gay nightlife is varied, and that's more than just bars and clubs. This is also the capital of theater and gay art, so there is always something gay going on around any corner. See the London City Guide

Oh gay Paree is the city of romance, and that includes the gay kind. Not every city is open-minded enough to elect an openly gay mayor, but Paris has done that (the first to do so), and it was the gay community that turned Marais into the city's trendiest neighborhood. But you don't have to just head to that gayborhood (which is increasingly becoming straighter) to sense that Paris is one big gay city -- there's also its fashion world and welcoming cafés everywhere. See the Paris City Guide

Miami has long been a favorite destination among gay travelers for the same reason that it attracts everyone else -- the hot weather, the hot bodies and the hot nightlife. This is where the party people (gay and straight) come to relax and get a tan (with or without the sun), and South Beach is where the gayest establishments are found. When all of that is not enough, there is always a trip down to Key West, home to a large gay community. See the Miami City Guide

Enjoy drinks in the lovely Americana bar 3 Dollar Bill, which features shows and events like Sunday BBQ parties; then head to the fabulous warehouse space in the back of the venue, for thumping dance parties every night guided by sound systems inherited from venues like the Roseland Ballroom. Some of the best drag performers and DJs in the city have begun their takeovers here; get in early and join the community.

The gay male community has its own preferences that often slide into prejudices, and a great many look down on anyone who's not a top. Bottoms get talked about, even dismissed, as if they were women. As the joke goes, "Who pays for a gay male wedding? The father of the bottom." While that may be funny, it shows a cruel contempt for femininity. It makes the insensitive presumption that a man "takes the woman's role" by receiving, and that there's something wrong with him for it, namely that he's not masculine.

A regular mo needs multiple jobs to afford to live in these prime gay cities. Without a high-paying job or a thriving business, you may feel like your options are either personal security and community or financial security.

Like many large cities in the U.S., Mexico City became a safe place for LGBTQ folks in the 20th century and thus the LGBTQ community grew and became stronger with many of the same features common in US gay cities.

Since 1996, when a few locals with anti-LGBTQ sentiments influenced the murder of a gay waiter, the City of Sitges has come out strongly condemning those actions and supporting a free and equal community for all in the area. Because of this, queer folks have become even more attracted to the beautiful beaches, low cost of living and the vibrant Catalan lifestyle.

Have lived in Columbus, Ohio 34 years. It has gone from a cow town to a VERY diverse and Gay-friendly town. Housing, salaries, education, Arts/Foodie community-check ,check, and check! Also, GAY majority neighborhoods. German Village, Victorian Village, and Clintonville. Cost of housing is amazing! Supportive City council, mayor, and even state reps. They even march or ride in June @ PRIDE!

I am hesitant to promote my town of Staunton, Virginia because we are not wanting it to become a bigger city. At the same time, I sure want to welcome all LGBTQ+ friends to explore what we offer. Very liberal in the middle of a conservative rural are, only 100 miles to DC, a classical music festival and summer music institute each year, along with Shakespeare theatre, a fine art scene and small college. Not so great for the single gays.

This is a great article. However, as a gay male I disagree about Salt Lake City. I moved to SLC four years ago for my college and I can not wait to leave. In last four years, I heard several homophobic attacks in the downtown and at least three lgbt locations closed permanently. There are only two gay bars in SLC now. One is more like a gayfriendly place, since it is mostly full of straight females and the other is mostly empty. It is very difficult to socialize for gays in SLC. Moreover, the closest metropolitan area is Las Vegas seven hours away. SLC is still a very conservative and socially-restricted place for people not from Utah. I would not recommend anyone, especially single gays, to move here.

San Antonio, TX is a beautiful city and we have a large gay community. Maybe not as progressive as Austin but we are a very family oriented city and the cost of living is much more affordable than the majority of cities listed here.

When it comes to LGBTQ rights, Canada is a true trailblazer, which speaks volumes about how much it protects its LGBTQ community. The State of Quebec banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in 1977 becoming the first jurisdiction ever to do so! Canada then went on to become one of the first countries to pass an advanced set of anti-discrimination laws nationwide in the 1990s, which included allowing LGBT people to openly serve in the Canadian military. In 2005 it became the 1st country in the Americas and the 4th in the world (after Holland, Belgium, and Spain) to legalize gay marriage. Canada also has one of the most progressive transgender laws in the world. For example, the right to change legal gender is possible without the requirement of having to undergo gender reassignment surgery and they have formally recognized a third gender option since 2017.

The Netherlands is the ultimate LGBTQ trailblazer! Homosexuality was legalized back in 1811, but the big headline is that it became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage in 2001! In relation to anti-discrimination laws, the Netherlands has everything under the sun to protect its LGBTQ community including laws to combat hate speech based on who we love, gender identity, and gender expression. The Netherlands also permits LGBT people to openly serve in the Dutch army.

Alongside Australia, the USA, and Spain, the UK has one of the highest numbers of recognized gay villages in the world! London alone has several, including Soho, Vauxhall, and Clapham. Manchester and Brighton are often regarded as one of the best cities in the world for gay people to live, both with large LGBTQ communities and an exciting gay scene in Canal Street (Manchester) and a fabulous community concentrated in Kemptown (Brighton).

Germany has long been famous for being one of the gayest countries in the world especially because of the wide and diverse gay scene of Berlin. Unlike all the other European cities, which tend to have a rather limited scope for LGBTQ spaces, Berlin has a wide and diverse gay scene where everyone from the community can find refuge in.

From the stunning agave fields in Tequila Jalisco to the charming tropical beaches in San Pancho Nayarit and all the way to the modern non-sleep urban city of Guadalajara Jalisco- gay Mexico is truly a unique travel experience with lots of culture, delicious food, and an outstanding, welcoming gay-friendly vibe along the way. Even though Mexico used to be considered a macho, conservative country, it is now widely seen as one of the most welcoming, inclusive, and accepting places in Latin America. Today, it has a thriving LGBTQ community, and same-sex marriage is legal. Mexico has paved the way for many other countries in Latin America when it comes to LGBTQ+ initiatives and, of course, it also offers lots of beautiful travel destinations. We will make multiple stops on this gay road trip to provide something for every taste, style, and vibe.

Men Nation is great for gay single men who are looking for casual dates and hookups. It has over 100 million GBTQ men from different parts of the world. You are bound to find a partner who is interested in whatever you are. The men that use this website are open-minded and ready to start a fun, genuine conversation, regardless of their location or preferences. Men Nation is widely known for its diversity in the LGBTQ+ community and the multiple options available. This website takes safety very seriously and has moderators to protect users at all times.


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