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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Tuning Baku: The Ultimate Destination for Car Lovers

Bütün minik avtomobillərin led lampalar, qluşitel başlıqları, diffuzor, bobin, spoyler və aksesuarlarının, momo rulların satışı. Tuning xidmətləri və aksesuarlarının satışı. İnstagram hesabı momo_ tuning

We all know that Zabbix is great for monitoring systems and environments, but how can you apply that data to squeeze out more performance? This talk will cover the methodologies behind performance tuning including queuing theory, and some best practices. This talk is intended for intermediate level systems administrators. Andrew Nelson Consultant, Red Hat, Inc.

tuning baku


We study the phase effects of the three-wave parametric interaction in metamaterials considering the negative refraction at the frequency of a signal wave. We analyze the efficiency of energy conversions between two direct waves with respect to the energy of the backward signal wave along with the dynamics of the signal-wave amplification in metamaterials. We show that there exist optimum values of the fundamental-wave intensity and the phase mismatch at which the efficiency of conversion is maximum. We obtain an analytic expression for the optimum value of the relative length of the metamaterial and present a numerical evaluation of the expected value for efficiency of the frequency parametric conversion in dielectric waveguides. A sufficient enhancement in the signal-wave amplification, which is possible at optimum values of the pump intensity and the metamaterial total length, leads to the parametric generation of the signal wave. Changing the frequency and power of the pump wave, one can realize a regular tuning of the frequencies of parametric converters.


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