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Heat [v0.4.5.2] By Edef

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Heat [v0.4.5.2] By Edef

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There is a heat transfer problem where one needs to find the n^th root of the following equation: \(x J_1(x) - Bi J_0(x)=0\) where \(J_0\) and \(J_1\) are the Bessel functions of zero and first order, and \(Bi\) is the Biot number. We examine an approach to finding these roots.

Let us suppose that a merry farmer has 75 roods (4 roods = 1 acre) on which to plant two crops: wheat and corn. To produce these crops, it costs the farmer (for seed, water, fertilizer, etc. ) $120 per rood for the wheat, and $210 per rood for the corn. The farmer has $15,000 available for expenses, but after the harvest the farmer must store the crops while awaiting favorable or good market conditions. The farmer has storage space for 4,000 bushels. Each rood yields an average of 110 bushels of wheat or 30 bushels of corn. If the net profit per bushel of wheat (after all the expenses) is $1.30 and for corn is $2.00, how should the merry farmer plant the 75 roods to maximize profit?

Bessel's equation \(x^2 y'' + x y' + (x^2 - \nu^2)y=0\) comes up often in engineering problems such as heat transfer. The solutions to this equation are the Bessel functions. To solve this equation numerically, we must convert it to a system of first order ODEs. This can be done by letting \(z = y'\) and \(z' = y''\) and performing the change of variables:

We solved a steady state BVP modeling heat conduction. Today we examine the transient behavior of a rod at constant T put between two heat reservoirs at different temperatures, again T1 = 100, and T2 = 200. The rod will start at 150. Over time, we should expect a solution that approaches the steady state solution: a linear temperature profile from one side of the rod to the other.

The water gas shift reaction is: \(CO + H_2O \rightleftharpoons CO_2 + H_2\). We can compute the Gibbs free energy of the reaction from the heats of formation of each species. Assuming these are the formation energies at 1000K, this is the reaction free energy at 1000K.

The NIST webbook provides parameterized models of the enthalpy, entropy and heat capacity of many molecules. In this example, we will examine how to use these to compute the equilibrium constant for the water gas shift reaction \(CO + H_2O \rightleftharpoons CO_2 + H_2\) in the temperature range of 500K to 1000K.

where \(t=T/1000\), and \(T\) is the temperature in Kelvin. We can use this data to calculate equilibrium constants in the following manner. First, we have heats of formation at standard state for each compound; for elements, these are zero by definition, and for non-elements, they have values available from the NIST webbook. There are also values for the absolute entropy at standard state. Then, we have an expression for the change in enthalpy from standard state as defined above, as well as the absolute entropy. From these we can derive the reaction enthalpy, free energy and entropy at standard state, as well as at other temperatures.

Matlab postA heat exchanger must handle 2.5 L/s of water through a smooth pipe with length of 100 m. The pressure drop cannot exceed 103 kPa at 25 degC. Compute the minimum pipe diameter required for this application. 041b061a72


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