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What is Matching Rings?

Do you want your spouse to shine? Then give her an eternity ring. It is a unique symbol that represents eternal love and devotion to your beloved one. It can be given to crown a solid wedding or even as an engagement ring. What does eternity mean? We will be happy to explain the meaning and use of the eternity rings.

The Meaning of the Eternity Ring

A red gold eternity ring by BAUNAT

An eternity band, also in our case called an eternity ring, is a ring that is surrounded by diamonds. Diamonds can be worked to perfection or in other shapes that make a statement. The diamond's succession is a stunning symbol of the eternal. You can also add colored stones or diamonds for an incredible accent.

The eternity ring, also known as the infinity ring is a symbol of eternal love. This is the reason it is often used as a present to commemorate a wedding anniversary, however, it can also be an excellent symbol for other relationships.

Some sources suggest that you need to wait until your 60th wedding anniversary. Then, you can tell whether you'll remain together for the rest of your life. This theory is a bit outdated. In the end, when you are attracted by a first glance you'll know it from the start do you not? The eternity rings have been a staple for centuries and suits all personalities. It's an investment to last a lifetime.

The Story Behind the Eternity Ring

The story behind the eternity ring is quite a long time. According to legend, it was created in the past of Egypt approximately 2000 years prior to Christ. Egyptian men would give rings to their loved ones to express their love and devotion. The ring had the shape of an animal eating its tail. Through time, the design has evolved from an animal to a softer band in platinum or gold and adorned with diamonds.

In its form, the diamond eternity ring represents forever love and fidelity. It is the ultimate love symbol. For example back in the day, Marilyn Monroe was proposed to. The eternity rings are a classic that every woman knows how to appreciate. This diamond ring is perfect for a wedding ring. It shows your love for one another because everyone will know that what you own is unique and forever.

An eternity ring could be used as an engagement ring

Diamonds can be purchased for any occasion. A ring is therefore always an excellent present. An eternity ring is an excellent engagement ring which will make your proposal stronger. It can also be used as a wedding ring whether it is a match for her engagement ring or not it looks gorgeous on any hand. The ring can be a nice accessory to a halo ring for instance.

But increasingly rings of eternity are given as a present on the anniversary of the couple's first wedding. As a spouse, you can let your wife know that you're still in love and that your relationship is important to you.

The eternity ring makes a great present for your mother or your best friend. It's a lovely symbol for your intimate relationship.

We would certainly like to help you select that perfect ring. There are a myriad of options and our experts can explain everything about them. You can contact our experts for advice free of charge.

Other kinds of rings

Now that we are aware of what an eternity ring is and how it symbolizes everlasting love, you'll probably want to learn more about other diamond rings. Find out the meaning of a halo ring and what a commemorative band is below. Find the perfect ring for your man.

What are the different types of settings for rings?

There are many ways to place the diamond on the ring made of precious metal. The different settings have different impact on the overall appearance of the ring. The primary settings include the claw setting (also called the pave setting) as well as the spacer setting and the closed setting.

Learn more about the different kinds of settings for diamond rings or ask BAUNAT's diamond experts assistance.

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