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Ruben Lavrentiev
Ruben Lavrentiev

Buy Festool Online

Shopping online outside Australia can seem to be a great way to get your product at a bargain price. Before making your purchase with your hard earned cash, there are some important things you need to know:

buy festool online

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By registering your new Festool tool online within 30 days of purchase, it will be fully covered for the first three years (2+1 years warranty). 36 months full repair, free of charge - Festool even replaces typical wear parts, as well as 36 months replacement in the event of theft - also applies to construction sites. 14-day money back- Are you not entirely satisfied with your newly purchased Festool tool? Then simply return the tool to us within 14 days of purchase. A 10-year Spare Parts Availability, the Repair Service, the Scrapping Premium (applies to Germany only), the Free Collection Service of tools to be repaired and further services complete the Festool after-sale service.

Festool offers extended warranty protection over and above the statutory guarantee and warranty obligations, which is valid for 36 months after purchase, provided you have registered the tool online. You can view the contents of the "all-inclusive guarantee" and all the essential information required to claim under the guarantee here. You should regester your tool in the country where you reside.

Very nice. I have, let's say, a "few" extra systainers lying around that need a home also. I have nine systainers built into my workbench but the others are just sitting in pretty piles staring at me like orphans everytime im in the shop. All to say, i gotta build three of these and was looking online and couldn't find the colour codes. Do you have them? Id like to avoid the fog if i could.

The "system" aspect of Festool is appealing to me. The tracksaw, domino, MFT/3, routers, and LR-32 hole drilling system make 32mm cabinet construction much easier for weekend hackers like me. While many of their tools are fiddley to set up, when you get a small amount of training (available on You Tube) you discover that many of the tools have very nice features that aren't apparent on first view. For instance, the festool routers all have clearly marked lines denoting the center of the bit. Using the router guided by a guide rail and using scales on the tool, very precise stopped dados become a piece of cake. While I know that it might be faster to just use a router table, drop the piece to start, and rout to marked lines on the fence, I like the extra precision that the Festool approach brings without undue effort.

This smart software brings all of Festo's online tools and Window tools under one roof. You'll receive online access to all product information together with CAD data, marking of the core product range components, etc. The shopping cart and our tools for selection and sizing are just a click away. 041b061a72


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