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Tamboo Mein Bamboo: A B-grade Bollywood Comedy in Dual Audio Hindi

The Tamboo Mein Bamboo dual audio hindi: What is it and why should you watch it?

If you are looking for a fun-filled, spicy, and thrilling movie to watch with your friends or partner, then you might want to check out Tamboo Mein Bamboo. This is a 2001 Bollywood B-grade movie that belongs to the adult comedy genre. It is directed by Dil Kumar and stars Satnam Kaur, Raza Murad, Birbal Gurbachan Singh, Anil Nagrath, Vinod Tripathi, Amit Pachori, Pushpa Verma, Mahesh Raj, Shabnam Kapoor, Rajesh Singh Raju Shrestha.

The Tamboo Mein Bamboo dual audio hindi


The movie is about a young couple who get married against their parents' wishes and move to a rented house. There they encounter a series of hilarious situations involving their landlord, neighbors, relatives, friends, enemies, and strangers. The movie is full of double entendres, innuendos, slapstick humor, romance, drama, action, suspense, and mystery. It is a perfect entertainer for those who love masala movies.

But what if you are not fluent in Hindi or want to enjoy the movie in another language? Well, there is a solution for that too. You can watch Tamboo Mein Bamboo in dual audio hindi. This means that you can switch between Hindi and English audio tracks as per your preference. You can also choose subtitles if you want. This way you can understand every dialogue and scene better.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more about Tamboo Mein Bamboo dual audio hindi and why you should watch it.

The plot of Tamboo Mein Bamboo

The main characters and their roles

The movie revolves around four main characters:

  • Rajesh (Amit Pachori): He is a young man who falls in love with Rani (Satnam Kaur) and marries her against his father's wishes. He is naive, innocent, loyal, and romantic.

  • Rani (Satnam Kaur): She is a beautiful girl who loves Rajesh and elopes with him. She is smart, bold, adventurous, and passionate.



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