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Gta Sa Save File

These are v1 game saves for all the mission in San Andreas. I used zmoonchild's The Ultimate Game Start, so all the possible side missions are completed from the start. No cheats were used while completing these missions. If you found any errors/mistakes/problems let me know.

Gta Sa Save File


PLEASE, feel free to Post any Mission Saves (with no Wasted/Busted stats) LINKS, that are permanently Hosted. Include the mission title that is currently completed, and any other relevant detail, like version number. that may help the Player to chose your save.

Since the PC has a topic for its saves, this one can be used for anyone who has a Hosted Game save for the Mobile/iOS/Android devicesPost the Save Download Link.Do Not start a discussion about them, take that to PM, and use the "Like This" to show approvel.Here are the first two.ENJOY.

They don't need to download a 100% Completion save file from the Internet, either. Instead, they simply need to check the save file and see what they haven't done for 100% Completion. PC players have the fortune of being able to use a website like easily.

PC players can quickly check their progress for 100% Completion in GTA San Andreas by uploading their save file to To do so, one can click on the gray box containing "Click here to select a save file." From there, they select the save file they wish to check and wait for it to be uploaded.

The website is easy to use once the player knows what to do. Once they upload the relevant save file, they should see some information detailing "Save Information." It will give them an approximate percentage on the right side. If it's not 100% Completion like the player wants, they should scroll down.

I want to temporarily uninstall GTA:SA from my iphone and I would like to save my progress on my computer (or phone). I want to know if there is a way to make a backup of my save file on the computer (or phone).

The save files are stored in a folder called "GTA San Andreas User Files", which can be found under "My Documents". It is also used to store your settings and other user files. The directory should stay in tact even if you uninstall the game, so after reinstalling it you can get back up to speed immediately.

This article explains in more detail the various glitches and side effects that can be introduced into your game when you use cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We recommend only using cheats with a separate save file or a completed game.

Alright so today I remembered that I made a super quick and dirty save file manager at the beginning of last year, however I never finished it because I never got around to making a save file for every mission in the game, however since RunnerHAWORTH was awesome enough to provide us with them I decided to go back and finish it.

Anyway, you guys might find it useful, all it does is remove the need to move around save files manually and keeps everything organized. It's not tested at all and probably will crash when you guys try it, but we'll see.

I only just got the Any% save files working, and apparently the backup thing already works, hopefully it's self explanatory but basically you pick which save file you want to replace with the dialog at the very top, and just choose what save file to set in the Any% tab. The backup stuff just copies your current 8 save files and puts them into another folder.

Hi, my saved game files are not being saved to the "GTA San Andreas User Files" folder because i'm trying to install a 100% complete saved game but when i paste the 100% game in this folder it does not replace any other file. When in the game I have 4 saved games (All my own). Also in my GTA San Andreas User Files I have a folder named gta_sa.set if that means anything.

nah that doesn't work because when i delete the old one (if there is one) and paste the new one there the game still shows my old save games when i load it. So i don't think they're saving in that folder.

I know this is an old thread. But I was right my save games weren't saving in "GTA san andreas user files", i did a search for GTASAsf1 and came to find that they were being saved in "Root Folder"/Data. Has anyone else had this problem?

By default, GTA SA places its saved game files into the folder "GTA San Andreas User Files" which is located in the current user's Documents folder. The location of this folder varies depending upon the version of Windows installed. Some typical locations for a user with an account named "Fred" would be:

Obviously those locations can vary based upon different Windows configurations or installation options. Note also that the executable can be modified to use a different file location through the use of a hex editor and special registry key in a process outlined at GTAForums or use Save Game Path Editor

The save files themselves are named in the format GTASAsfX.b where X represents the in-game slot number. So, the game saved in slot 1 will be stored in the save file GTASAsf1.b and the game saved in slot 5 will be stored in the save file GTASAsf5.b. There are 8 slots available in the game (1-8). GTASA save files are always 0x31800 bytes long (202,752 in decimal) and are not compressed or encoded in any way.

Information pertaining to the mission scripts in use when the game was saved. Includes all global variables and information about running threads including thread pointers and local variables. A minor size difference between the MAIN section of the version 1 and version 2 scripts is the primary cause of incompatibility between version 1 and version 2 saves because it forces the other threads to be at slightly different memory locations. One can adjust the thread pointers in this block and (if converting from 1 to 2) the Version ID String from block 0 to convert a save between the two versions; this applies to either completely unmodded or identically-modded installations of v1 and v2.

Information defining all garages (including bomb shops, pay & sprays, etc.) and also describing the cars stored in safehouse garages. This block can vary in size although in the unmodified game it will always be 0x23C7 bytes because there are 50 garages defined. The 80 saved vehicles (4 each in 20 garages) is a fixed number and probably cannot be exceeded. Also, the arrangement of the Garage Car structures in the save is non-intuitive: they follow the pattern Garage 1/Car 1, Garage 2/Car 1, ... Garage 20/Car 1, Garage 1/Car 2, Garage 2/Car 2 ...

This block contains information about map zones in three arrays. The first array is for size and location information for the zones as initially defined in the data file info.zon. The second array contains entries for each of the uniquely-named zones defined in the first array and stores information about things like gang densities and popcycle.dat group info for each zone. Much of this info is set by specific opcodes such as 076C, 076A, 0767, and 0874.) The ID number for a given entry in the first array refers to an entry in the second array. The third array is another size/location array similar to the first but based on the data file map.zon.

Enex Path: Normally 0 for outdoor saves, or 1 with the source index of the enex used to access the interior where the game was saved. The enex path may be longer on modified saves. Additional links are appended to the path. The enex path is used to display the zone name for the destination before CJ arrives in the zone.

New enex connections can be added to the save after the save is created if temporary (burglary) connections are not present (indoor or isolated saves). The flags and links for existing connections will not be updated by changes in the IPL file. If the enex structure is removed from the block (except for the -1 terminator) the game will remap all connections based on the current IPL configuration.

Following the last data block is a variable amount of padding. Since every save file is exactly 0x31800 bytes in length this padding is necessary to fill the space between the data blocks which start the file and the checksum value which ends it. Because GTASA internally uses a buffer of 0xC800 bytes for writing a save, each byte of padding data is simply a repetition of the data located 0xC800 bytes before it. While it is not strictly necessary to follow this convention for the padding when writing a modified save file, it is consistent with the original game and makes modifications harder to detect.

The final four bytes of a save file are an unsigned integer checksum value. This checksum is simply the sum of all the preceding 0x317FC bytes. If the checksum value does not match the calculated sum of those bytes, the game will consider the save file to be "corrupted" and refuse to load it. Thus, any time you make any changes to a save file you must remember to update the checksum when you are finished.

I just installed Ubuntu and I am getting used to it,On Windows everything was stored in Documents folder for me, so I just copied that entire folder, but now I noticed that the new game saves are not stored in Documents from Ubuntu, so I do not know where to put save game files.

Glitches and bugs can be fun when they do funny things or are exploitable. However, there exists a certain type of malfunction within a game's code that can absolutely destroy one's experience with it. This is referring to those glitches which, through one method or another, destroy or corrupt a save file.

Either they straight up annihilate the file or they create a state within the game that completely blocks progress. Thankfully, the advent of updates and cloud saves has made this less of an issue, though the scars of losing dozens of hours of progress will never go away for the victims of these happenings. 041b061a72


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