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TesseracT - One (2011) FLAC

TesseracT - One (2011) FLAC: A Review of the Progressive Metal Masterpiece

If you are a fan of progressive metal, you have probably heard of TesseracT, one of the pioneers of the djent subgenre. Their debut album, One, released in 2011, is widely regarded as a landmark in the history of modern metal. In this article, we will explore the reasons why this album is so influential and impressive, and why you should listen to it in FLAC format.

TesseracT - One (2011) FLAC

What is djent?

Djent is a term that describes a style of metal music that features heavily distorted, palm-muted guitar riffs, complex polyrhythms, and syncopated grooves. The term was coined by Fredrik Thordendal, the guitarist of Meshuggah, a Swedish band that is considered to be the originator of the style. The word djent is an onomatopoeia for the sound of a palm-muted guitar chord.

Who are TesseracT?

TesseracT are a British band that formed in 2003. They are composed of Daniel Tompkins (vocals), Acle Kahney (guitar), James Monteith (guitar), Amos Williams (bass), and Jay Postones (drums). They are known for their innovative use of ambient sounds, electronic elements, and vocal harmonies, as well as their technical proficiency and dynamic songwriting. They have released five studio albums so far: One (2011), Altered State (2013), Polaris (2015), Sonder (2018), and Portals (2021).

Why is One a masterpiece?

One is the first full-length album by TesseracT, and it showcases their unique blend of djent, progressive metal, and atmospheric music. The album consists of nine tracks, four of which are part of a conceptual suite called Concealing Fate. The album also features guest vocals by Elliot Coleman on the track Eden.

One is a masterpiece because it demonstrates the band's ability to create complex and captivating songs that balance heaviness and melody, aggression and emotion, chaos and order. The album is full of memorable riffs, hooks, and solos, as well as subtle nuances and details that reveal themselves with repeated listens. The album also has a cohesive and consistent flow, with each track complementing and enhancing the others. The album's production is also top-notch, with every instrument sounding clear and powerful.

Why should you listen to it in FLAC format?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a type of audio file that preserves the original quality of the sound without any compression or loss of data. This means that FLAC files have a higher bitrate and fidelity than MP3 or other common formats. FLAC files are ideal for audiophiles who want to enjoy the best possible sound quality from their music.

You should listen to One in FLAC format because it will allow you to appreciate the intricate and intricate details of the album's sound. You will be able to hear every nuance of the guitar tones, the bass lines, the drum patterns, the vocal layers, and the ambient effects. You will also be able to experience the dynamic range and contrast of the album's loud and quiet sections. Listening to One in FLAC format will make you feel like you are in the studio with the band, witnessing their musical genius first-hand.


TesseracT - One (2011) FLAC is an album that every progressive metal fan should listen to at least once in their life. It is an album that showcases the band's talent, creativity, and vision, as well as their influence on the modern metal scene. It is an album that will challenge your ears, your mind, and your emotions. It is an album that will reward you with an unforgettable musical journey.


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